Cricingif is a Platform for Live Cricket Updates, GIFs and More

Cricket is an emotionally-charged affair in Pakistan and the most watched sport in the country. It unites the nation like nothing else as evidenced by the recent triumph over India in the Champion’s Trophy.

Given the love for the sport, people not only watch matches live, but they also re-play and re-live moments from previous games.

Billed as a new-age cricketing platform, Cricingif offers a completely revamped experience for cricket maniacs.

Unlike ESPNCricinfo and Cricbuzz, this local platform aims to provide the most engaging cricket coverage online by providing a visual take on the world of cricket.

What Sets Apart Cricingif?

With ubiquitous Internet access, people’s behaviors are changing. There is a shift towards on-demand, visual and personalized content. However, there hasn’t been a noticeable change in the content for cricket, which is a few years behind where the cutting edge sports like football are right now.

To change all that and put an end to the traditional yet passive cricket coverage, Cricingif has curated discussions which allow the users to talk about the important events in a match.

For live cricket matches, Cricingif provides the fastest online live scores, ball by ball video clips and commentary for every ball.

To keep users engaged on a strategic level with the on-field game of cricket, Cricingif features the world’s first ball-by-ball predictions where users can challenge their friends or anyone else and see how well they really understand the match.

Cricingif’s articles provide interesting insights and analysis by writers from around the world, with storytelling through the use of ball by ball videos and GIFs. Humorous listicles and a video show cover the week’s happenings with a light approach, and a weekly by-the-numbers review of the world of cricket is also put out.

Cricingif And Its Affiliation

Cricingif is dedicated to building the best, most engaging and relatable cricket platform out there. With the PSL growing into one of the largest sports brands of the country, Cricingif’s affiliation with the PSL is a very important synergy in helping the brand to build conversations on social media with instant video clip updates.

The cricket updates platform has successfully managed to partner with Peshawar Zalmi during PSL-2 and are also official and exclusive ICC Digital Clip Rights holders for Pakistan for the next few years. With this affiliation, the company is able to provide users with a unique experience for all ICC events.

Cricingif’s approach helps them retain users a lot longer than a traditional websites, and these multiple engagement models are a good fit for brands who would like to precisely target a particular category of users.

Plans For The Future

Cricingif is looking to continue building alliances, local and international, in the coming future. To expand its reach, the company is exploring how to create the best cricket content. While, the company started off with a Pakistan-first strategy, by 2018 Cricingif will also be catering to a global user base with content to match.

There will be also be a more streamlined match viewing/following experience personalized according to the user’s favorite teams and players, and by that time Cricingif will also set up several additional parallel weekly content offerings catering to different subsets of its user base.

Check out Cricingif here.

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