This Hospital in Islamabad is Charging Rs. 400 for Giving a Single Injection

It was my first and last visit to Ali Medical Centre Islamabad (sector F-8) yesterday. First because I didn’t know how much they charge just to give an injection and last because now I know how much they do.

I know there are many people who want to know the answer to a simple question – how much does it take to get an injection in Pakistan?

We need to know whether its justified to charge Rs. 400/- for an injection? Especially at a medical establishment where you have to bring your own syringe and injection and pay for it out of your own pocket?

I ask this because this is exactly what happened with me at the Ali Medical Center in Islamabad.

My Medical Case

I’m sure many people are in the same boat as me and have to get injections periodically. You see, I’ve been diagnosed with a medical condition that requires me to get an intramuscular injection once after every 2 days.

An intramuscular injection is just a fancy way of saying that you need a shot for a medical condition. We all get it sometime in our lives. For example we get a shot (injection) for a tetanus vaccine after an injury or accident. So it”s pretty common.

Just to educate people, there’s another way of getting your injection and that’s intravenously. This is where you see a needle placed in your vein. One common example of an intravenous injection is when we go for blood tests.

So back to the story. I’ve been getting injections for the last 5 years now. I mostly lived in Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi during these years. Due to my condition I visited countless hospitals and clinics in these cities and some in the northern areas. And you know what? The cost of my injection was usually Rs. 60/- and a syringe for just Rs. 10-15.

The clinics I visited in the past mostly charge Rs. 50/- to give an injection. Some hospitals in Lahore and even some military ones did not even charge me at all, provided that the drug is purchased from their medical store.

All they ask in return is a prescription from my doctor. So I can say I paid Rs 125/- each after every 2 days for the whole thing, which includes cost of injection, syringe and getting it injected by a medical staff.

Justified Costs?

Last night I was in Islamabad and went to Ali Medical Centre Islamabad for the first time to get an injection.

I made a stupid mistake. I didn’t even ask them how much it was going to cost me prior to getting an injection.

From now on I made a mental note to myself to always ask how much is it going to be charged and to never assume hospital charges based on experience of other hospitals.

After getting the injection I went to ER counter to pay my bill. I was astonished to learn that I was charged Rs. 400/- for the whole thing.

After some polite discussion with the accountant I asked to see any doctor on call to discuss the matter. A doctor was present and so I talked with him. I was informed by him that it was an administrative issue and he can’t do anything about it.

I went to the hospital administrator to discuss this issue. I found him to be a very reasonable man who acknowledged that this behavior was indefensible. Perhaps he had worked at other hospitals and knew what they charged for an injection.

So long story short, the manager provided me a complaint form and informed that the hospital management is receiving many complaints regarding this very issue.

Upon further inquiry I also got to know that Ali Medical charges Rs. 380/- just to check your blood pressure. Now here’s why I mention this – getting your blood pressure checked is mostly free in many hospitals including in many pharmaceutical stores.

Thankfully during this month of Ramzan, my blood pressure remains within range and that too without any medicine. Fasting helped in this regard and therefore I saw no need to get it checked at Ali Medical Centre. Otherwise by I would’ve been paying them a further Rs. 380!

No More

It was time to do a little research and see if other hospitals in Islamabad and Rawalpindi charged the same thing.

Here’s what I found what the other hospitals were charging for an injection:

  • Ali Medical center Islamabad – Rs 400/-
  • Maroof International Hospital Islamabad – Rs. 220/-
  • Shifa international hospital Islamabad – (they don’t give injection on outside prescription)
  • Maryam Memorial Hospital – Rs. 50/-
  • Nusrat Hospital – Rs. 50/-
  • Heart international hospital Rawalpindi – Rs. 30/-
  • Bilal Hospital Rawalpindi – Free

So fellow readers, I ask you this. Do you think it is justified to charge Rs. 400/- for just giving an injection? I was never asked to pay more than Rs. 50/- by any hospital of Lahore or Karachi.

How much does getting an injection cost you in your city? Let us and your fellow readers know in the comments below.

    • Gynecologist in Blue Area, Islamabad.

      A famous gynecologist in Blue area Islamabad is spreading diseases as she does quite many operations in a day and no disinfecting of any kind is done. I know patients who got infected with serious diseases.

      • Hey, can you please be a little more specific. I have been taking my wife several times to a Gynaecologist in ISB as she is expecting, and I am seriously worried after reading your comment. I don’t want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire by taking her to RWP.

        Would you shed a little light and maybe help people like me from being ruined.

        Thank you.

  • Farroq hospital lahore charges 150 Rs for an injection and yep you have to buy your own injection and syringe

  • they are loooters and unjustifiably charging too high. They charged my friend 4,800 PKR just for dressing change from head and leg of Minor injury and mind you its just a dressing change of the minor stitches which he had in recent injury from another hospital. upon our inquiry they came up with argument that they charged future bandages as well without knowing our visits beforehand even they were not required. please raise awareness since they are playing with our hard earned money and blood.

  • I have done vaccinations of my kids from Ali Medical F-8 and they charged normal fee.
    But in Shifa Hospital, first you have to pay the doctor fee then they will inject vaccines. This is weird SOP even not followed in one of the leading hospital Agha khan Karachi.

  • totally unjustified…………… there must be some regulatory authority for this purpose as well. day by day private hospitals and clinics are opening and they charge at their own standards……..Govt is unable to provide Standardized medical treatment to their citizens…although there are Govt hospitals but going to Govt hospitals means………….you are welcoming more diseases……………ahhhhhhh…Allah Knows when we will be able to exit from 3rd world countries list…………….Hopefully after some 200 years….

  • My son been operated in Ali Medical when he was 1 year old. Anesthesia doctor was stupid and child got stable after 5 hours(Cannot forget that day). After 2 months he had same surgery in Medicsi. That time he got stable within 1 hour. Surgeon was same….

    • how is he now, sorry to hear. Can’t imagine the time you would be suffering. May Allah give him shifa and health and happiness. Ameen

  • Shifa international is the most expensive one. I remember donating blood to my Grandpa (late, may Allah give him Jannatul’Firdoos) and they charged us 3,000 rs. Wow….I am donating my own blood and they are charging 3000 rs as well, this was well over 4 years ago.

    • i think blood undergoes testing for any diseases so that put it on test before injecting to person.

  • Ali medical is ranked among top corrupt hospitals, although no one can reach Shifa hospital. Petients are literally treated like animals there and doctors practice on them. BTW I have not seen any private hospital in Islamabad which charges less than 300 for injection

    • Lol. Maroof International is in Islamabad, of which the author mentions charges Rs. 220. I live in Islamabad and am a member of Maroof Intl, and they charge me even less (around Rs. 160) anyway, there are several private hospitals in ISB which charge between Rs. 120 and Rs. 250. And, I’ve never seen any hospital charge Rs. 400 in ISB, apart from this one which I’ve not been to.

  • Medicsi has charged 700 Rs for an injection and i have receipts.
    Medicsi Islamabad (First floor, Low rise, Saudi Pak Towers, 61-A Jinnah Ave, Islamabad 44000)

  • You must have went to a government hospital… It’s shame on you to not trust these great hospitals. If you have reservations, complain about it. The govt sector is much much better now adays.

  • GO NAWAZ GO….Since we are enjoying this “JAMHOORIAT” from the time of Zardari till today there is no price control on anything by the corrupt governments on any thing.

    • what an opinion. was it free when there was dictatorship? what has it to do with ‘democracy?

  • What if someone writes an article, PROpakistani charges 50,000 for a sponsored story? What if Ali Media writes an opinion how F-8 Markaz rent is 10 million while a remote area outside Islamabad they can get it from 10,000?

    It’s a private business, just like you!

  • I have been visiting Heart International Rawalpindi recently for last several weeks. They charge Rs 50 for IV injection and Rs 100 for IM injection. Please update the article to reflect these prices (or have they been ripping me off)? and syringes cost between 30-50 Rs (depending upon ml size ) which are of course separate and you have to bring your own syringes. If a canola is needed that also needs to be your own purchase and is always separate.

    • I had even more worst experience. I was charged Rs. 450 for blood pressure check. The doctor did not touch me even.

  • If you feel there are overpriced dont visit them. Do you know Audi, apple, samsung etc save 60 to 70% of there manufacturing cost. Why we dont speak about them ?

    I think it is totally fair. Their hospital. Their prices.

    • My dear, even in the most free economies of the world, including USA, and all countries of Europe, you have an MOH, and the reason is that governments are elected in a true democracy (not the banana republic we have here) is to protect the rights of the populations which elected them against “free market economy” greed.
      So rich people can think that whatever is charged is fair but not the poorest who cannot afford even basic healthcare or basic necessities, which are a government requirement to provide under the constitution of any democracy (including our broken down jalopy’s).

  • It can be justified for an Intravenous injection if their staff is very well qualified with years of experience that they are able to inject IV on first prick and without any pain. But for IM too expensive.

  • This cost is too much, imagine how much one would have to pay for regular blood tests :(

  • Ali Medical charges Rs.100. I visited this hospital a week before Ramadan and got three injections. Don’t create panic based on false reporting.

  • In a country where rulers come to loot this is a very common situation, when rulers have such a mindset why would not the institutions under them….Khuda ki kasam qabar main buhat andhera hai

  • Not to blame health department and politicians alone.Our impractical education system. They teach you poetry and arts but never repairing a waterpump a bike a table a chair basic Hygiene to monitor bp to inject a drip etc.Curriculum needs to be changed according to new requirement hence saving lot on petty issues on self help basis

  • by the way, i myself took my son to Maroof Hospital Islamabad for simple vaccination injection (normal cost already mentioned in the article) and they first charged for registration 1400, i remember 1100 was medicine cost and 1000 was dr fee for just injecting… that was first and last time… so a simple injection cost me 3500… and there was no special services provided by them, just simple injection…

  • Ali mefical is run by pathans. Each and every dictor yiu find there will be pathan. I will say it is 90-10 ratio of pathan.

    Alimedical is charging for injection but also charging to make a user info card for 100. Hospital is becomming a industry of consumer products.

    I visited the same hospital for stomach pain abd they done all sorts of tests such as ultra sound, blood test, ct scan and told me to do MRI. For hell sake why i need a ct and mri. I just left the building after blood test.

    Dont go to Ali Med.

    • So cost of medicines is related to race? Pathans are the cause of this evil?
      What kind of a sick psychopath are you? Do you not feel ashamed at calling yourself Tariq? Which is a Muslim name, and the Prophet destroyed all sorts of racism under his feet, and he felt it important enough to mention in Hajj-Ul-Wida that there is no superiority of an Arab over non-Arab or black over white, except Taqwa?
      People like you should be chained to the wall and shot in the head for destroying the image of Muslims by calling yourself Muslims, but have nothing to do with Islam or Muslims, and all you are, are bloody illiterate “fitna” and “shur angaiz” narcissists.
      You are the same people who will rather marry your women to a book than to let her marry someone from a different “zaat” . . . antiquated barbarians!

  • Dont ever bring yourpreg. Wife to MH rawalpindi.

    They charge security first and then adk whether you are any eat afilitated with army or govt. If u are civilian the baby born will be 100% c-section.

    Another thing the hospital is also equipwd with gyne ward but male people cant go inside. They will stay outside, even in the cold night.

  • stupid people got mad at just 400 rupees injection. do u even know where to give injection? so many things need to be kept in mind. nerves and blood vessels etc. you jahils even dont appreciate anything.

  • Galti se jane ka itefaq ho gya tha 1600rs 4tanky lage thy or 1600bill bhai pims zindabad

  • With crap as the ruling elite…you are dumb to expect this. In Sindh, these bloody blood suckers are running their own show…there is no rule of law. Doctors at civil hospitals tell their patients to go seek private clinics…which they own themselves. In the land of the blind, who is going to witness one with clear vision.

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