Jovago Makes Eid Holidays Trips to Northern Pakistan Completely Hassle Free

As Eid-ul-Fitr draws closer, everyone is busy making plans to make the most out of this auspicious event. Apart from shopping to flaunt their style, people are making travel plans to explore the beauty of Northern Pakistan by availing almost a week-long holiday which they will be getting because of Eid.

Amidst improving security conditions of the region, a lot of people are preferring to travel to North of Pakistan specially Naran and Murree. According to stats, more than one million tourists, locals and foreigners, visited the northern areas during 2016. There has been a surge of 25% in the influx of tourists as compared to the last year.

Naran and Muree are two top destinations in the country which are on the bucket list of every tourist due to the stunning valleys and picturesque views that enchant the visitors, says the Jovago Pakistan hospitality report.

In addition to this, the ongoing children’s summer vacations coupled with long Eid vacations provide travelers with the perfect opportunity to explore the natural wonders that this part of Pakistan possess with their families.

So, to help you make wonderful memories with your loved ones on this Eid, Jovago brings the perfect EIDI for you to ease summer woes and to celebrate one of the major festivals in the country.

Continuing its legacy to bring convenient and easy solutions for its travelers, Jovago is facilitating its vacationers by providing hassle free travel to experience Northern beauty. It’s the right time to pack bags and spend Eid days as Jovago takes responsibility to make sure guests find their rooms.

With just a few clicks of a mouse, visitors to the website will be able to take the first step towards a fantastic Eid travel voyage as they can easily select the hotel which meets their criteria through the customized search engine. Add the best facilities offered by all the highly demanded hotels listed on its website and you are in for a treat.

Commenting on this initiative, Ms. Nadine Malik, CEO Jovago Asia, said:

We at take pride in our ability to provide our customers with the very best travel and accommodation packages. As part of this promise to our customers, we often find ourselves checking out beautiful hotels in exotic far-flung parts of the country.

This Eid, we invite our customers to tap into this resource, and help us provide them and their families with the most memorable Eid holiday ever.

Furthermore, keeping the peak season in mind which starts from May to October, Jovago assures travelers that their hassles are limited as it promises travelers of a safe environment along with comfortable accommodation at affordable packages.

  • Geekpk

    bad idea to go north during eid holidays.

    • ZAB

      Then what’s good time to visit and what’s the best way to get accommodation and local transportation?

      • Farhan

        End or start of season. But Usually the hotels you find for 5k per night are available in non peak season at 500!

        A premium 4 bedroom hut that’s available for 65k per night in Naran is available at non peak time around 20k!

        Besides the money, it’s not much fun when it’s so crowded!

        • ZAB

          So what’s the best time to go?

          • Builder Fizz

            go in end august or september start or go in april

          • Naran is not only the option – You can choose location which is not very crowded like Rawlakot (Punj Peer, Toli Peer etc).

        • Yasir Mahmood

          Been to Naraan last year on eids 2nd day. We reached in around 8 hours. But on return , its impossible to reach home in less then 18 hrs

        • Muhammed Ovais Alam

          65k night for a ‘premium’ hut? Link? Picture? Anything?
          Jin logoun ko target kia gya hai aisi jagahoun pe unkay liay to paisa masla hi nahi.

          • Farhan

            65k Is nothing close to being affordable for me.

            20k shared between 4 families (4bedroom hut) is something I can afford if i stretch myself a little.

            • Muhammed Ovais Alam

              koi picture mil skti hai us hut ki? koi link?

              • Farhan

                Shared links but the comment doesn’t approve. Use the following link in browser manually

                facebook dot com /troutlodges/

    • Leo

      I agree, bad time to visit any (hilly or otherwise) public spot during any holiday. If you are planning to visit these areas plan to go there on full working days. Lesser the people around more fun and more economical.

  • MIS

    All Areas will be full jamm pack during Eid…

  • Eid Pe 3 Din K Liye 3 Suit Le Aye hai
    Pehle Din Pehla Suite
    Dusre Din Dusra Suite
    Tesre Din Tesra Suit
    Pehan K Sona Hai Neend Puri Karni hai !

    • ZAB

      Lol, tu kisi din pit jaye ga logon se. Pehley hi bohat log taar main bethay hain tumhari.



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