Toyota Takes a Bold Step Forward with the New Camry 2018

Since its debut as the first ever transverse-engine, front-wheel-drive Toyota car in 1963, the Camry has held a long distinction as a thoroughly competent family car.

For over six successive generations, the Camry has remained true to its reputation as one of the most popular luxury cars worldwide.

However now, Toyota’s boss — Akio Toyoda — wants to completely revamp the Camry series and launch an all-new-eighth-generation model of the luxury car.

The new Camry is based on an all-new global platform, one that has more in common with the Toyoto Prius C-HR variant.


The body of the new Camry is constructed from a more high-tensile steel with better laser welding. It is slightly lower and wider than the previous models and features a more sophisticated rear suspension.

The new Camry’s face is accentuated by a two-piece grille comprised of flowing thin and thick treatments – key elements of the Camry’s “Keen Look” design philosophy.

It is worth mentioning that Camry will again be available in four grades: LE, XLE, SE and XSE.

Alternative grille


The completely redesigned interior is a fusion of functionality, futuristic styling, and a high degree of personal space and craftsmanship. The front seats have been completely re-engineered with improved ergonomics, providing maximum comfort with a newfound level of ease and engagement to match the new Camry’s elevated performance and athleticism.


According to the company, three new powertrains will be available on the new 2018 Camry. They include a new 3.5-liter V6 with D-4S Fuel Injection and an all-new 2.5-liter inline-4 gasoline engine, which comes paired to a new 8-speed Direct-Shift automatic transmission (8AT), and a next-generation Toyota Hybrid System (THS II).

According to Toyota, fuel economy with new four-cylinder engine is estimated by the EPA at 29 mpg in the city, 41 mpg on the highway and 34 combined. That’s 26 percent better than the previous models.

Thanks to the new suspension, the Camry now has better handling and feels lighter on its feet while taking turns.

For additional information about 2018 Camry, click here.

It’s likely that the new Camry will cost over $24,000.

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  • In USA Camry V6 with 300HP costs around $30,000 and here u get shi ity civic for that money.

  • Yes the Camry is star for the Tokyo Olympics based on FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) will be launched on Olmpics, to which Toyota sought global efforts to equip Tokyo with the refuelling system in Japan.
    I had sought information from the SEVP Indus Motors, Karachi on the FCV in Pakistan whereby initial work has to be organised in line with the Tokyo Olympics, special pricing, and local assembly. Todate there’s no reply to phone call, nor email.

  • If 28,000 Canadian $ Honda Accord can cost 10 Million+, imagine how much would be the price of this in Pakistan.

  • How us this car news relevant to Pakistan? Does toyota have a camry offering in Pakistan?

  • you can an AUDI A3 in 24 lakh …. GET AN AUDI INSTEAD OF COROLLA …. Pakistani car industry needs competition where companies fight with each other for prices and extra features i.e exactly the same happened in india.. We need new manufacturers like renault, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi ,Nissan Ford , Mazda. But i believe government is getting extra money from suzuki , toyota and honda for not letting the new car manufacturers in pakistan thats why they keep on repeating their old and crappy model again and again , that why we are still stuck at mehran and corolla and civic

    • Yet the best selling cars in india are from Maruti suzuki. Or Tata.
      Yes Companies there exist there . But in 3rd world countries there’s not much of competition left for them. Distribution of wealth is so obnoxious that people are either so rich or so poor. Can you imagine people buying Mazda 6 or Nissan Altima or Ford Focus etc here in pak? All these brands are way expensive then toyota or crolla. Even in america Crolla was the best selling car for years. Just search it. Toyota and honda are world famous for affordable sedans all over the world and 3rd world countries are the ideal playground for them.

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