Pakistan’s Population to Cross 306 Million By 2050: UN Report

The world population continues to rise. Average number of births is declining however the number of deaths is also going down leading to a steadily increasing population.

According to “United Nations’ World Population Prospects (2017 revision)”, in mid 2017 the world’s population stood at 7.6 billion.

And it will grow to 9.8 billion by 2050, the report estimates. Not to wonder, Pakistan’s population by the time will hit 306 million mark, that’s some 33% more individuals than we have right now.

We’ve added 1 billion more people to the world over the last 12 years. 60% of the population lives in Asia 17% in Africa, 10% in Europe, 9% in Latin America and the Caribbean while the remaining 6% is from North America and Oceania.

Continuous Rise in Population

The report mentions that,

Today, the world’s population continues to grow, albeit more slowly than in the recent past.

Ten years ago, the global population was growing by 1.24 per cent per year. Today, it is growing by 1.10 per cent per year, yielding an additional 83 million people annually.

By 2050 the world will be home to approximately 9.8 billion people, rising to 11.2 billion in the year 2100.

Trends Expected in 2050

India and China are still the two most populous countries and will continue to be so until 2050. India, however, will overtake China to become the most highly populated country in the world by the time.

Pakistan is currently the 5th most populated country in the world. Nigeria will overtake Pakistan, Indonesia and US to become the third most populous nation by 2050.

Collectively the 10 countries in the image above will account for half of the world’s population by the year 2050.

Unsurprisingly, Europe will be the only region to experience a decrease in numbers. The population in Europe will decline from 2017 to 2050.

Africa to Play a Central Role

The biggest contributor to the world’s population by 2050 will be Africa. The report states that the large number of children and youth in Africa will reach adulthood in the coming years.

Because of their large numbers, their childbearing will contribute to a further increase in population even assuming that they will bear fewer children on average than their parents’ generation.

In all plausible scenarios of future trends, Africa will play a central role in shaping the size and distribution of the world’s population over the next few decades.


Having a larger population will also bring other problems in Pakistan. Pollution is one of the side effects we’re witnessing these days, the smog in Lahore being a recent example. Global warming is also speeding up due to this which has resulted in the recent heatwave with temperatures breaking previous records.

The risk is very real and the government needs to deal with the issue in a timely manner before the situation gets worse.

You can read the full report here.

Via Forbes

Infographic: Statista

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  • If our leaders were intelligent, One child policy would have been implemented long ago. Pata nahi keya hoga hamara. 5 5 6 6 bachay paida kro aur parhai kisi ko nai bevakoof quom.

    • our leaders need a lot of uneducated people to work in their political parties. to fight literal wars on the streets of our cities and towns. they also need the support of the mullahs who hate contraception. so all in all it is in their interest to let the population grow as much as possible.

      • True. I expected something better from Imran Khan but he also hasn’t talked about Over Population I think. I don’t see a bright future yar. Quantity ki nahi quality is the need of the hour. Maulanas are also one big problem. Maulanas Pakistan ko ancient times me le kr jana chahte hn aur kia bolun ab mein rehne do yar. Dil krta ha bura bhalla bolun galiyan dun inko but kia fyda bas. Turkey acha nahi ha ? Turkey is liberal aswell as religious at the same time. I want us to become more like that.

        • Dear, a valid point is raised. If we talk about imran khan that he hasn’t pointed out the over population thing, dear he isn’t In Govt and agendas are put into action when you are in Power but he talked about hights of children due to not getting sufficient quality of food in his several speeches and further he talked about children death rates due to diseases in his speeches…. isn’t this enough before coming to Govt… Further if we talk about mullas,They say according to islam there should be huge amount of your children but mullas should know that which islam they are teaching, Islam no where says that give birth and increase the ur burden of one other life even if you don’t have enough sources to feed. Don’t take my point against islam but It is true that mullas make people a animal of cage by spreading thier own type of religion

          • You points are very Valid. I am a Proud Muslim. But Maulanas Don’t Control Islam. Infact They Are The Ones Giving Bad Name To Our Religion.

            Regarding Imran Khan What You Said Is Also True. I, Myself, Heard Him Say All The Stuff You Mentioned In T.v Interviews. I Just Hope He Does Something About Our Population Explosion Aswell. He Is The Only Politician I’ve Expectations From.

      • Your point about uneducated people being cannon fodder for these so called ‘democratic’ parties is spot on.

    • What Molanas have done with you ? Have they captured you in your home ? Do what ever you can do but do not do justice ok. You will be a bright and shining liberal .then.

      • Sami, do some researching about the situation we have to face with our booming population. I would recommend that you take a look at the current situation, think about it like a mature human being and then decide what you have to say.

        No point arguing if you don’t have any knowledge.

        • Oh really ! If u think so much about people prosperity then stop tauting and criticism on unknown people. You people have basically Molvi-Phobia. U want to live an un controlled life,molvis stop u by just advising you but it does not digests you. As far as population matter is concerned make it in your mind that you are not responsible for the fulfilment of their Food. Allah was providing ,is providing and will be providing. Do not doubt it. And learn Quran and have deep thought in it. See surah yousaf how food was preserved at the time of drought. It is all about good governance. Or ap k jo uncle SAM hain na jin ke godd main ap rehna chaty hain har sal hundreads of tons gandum pacific occean main discharge karty hain kiu nai daity africa k droubt walay ilaqay main.?? And respond logically instead arrogantly. Sorry 4 harsh words.

          • Mere Jaan Ke Tukrey Thora Thanday Dimagh se Aur Dil Se Sach Sach Batana.

            ” Aj Kal Ke Molvi Islam Ko Theek Represent Krte Hn ? ”

            Nai Na ? Itna Sa Point Hai Mera. Harsh Words Ki Koi Baat Nahi Hai. Hum Sab Pakistani Hain Aur Pakistan Ke Ache Ke Lye Behas Krna Ya Baat Krna Koi Buri Baat Nahi. Pakistan Ghar Ha Hum Sab Ka. Ik Ghar Ke Andar Yeh Sab Hi Hota Hai. Baat Cheet Hoti Hai. Uncle Sam Aur American Racism Ko Side Pr Kro Uska Koi Taluq Nai Pakistan Se. Yahan Racism Choro Extremism Hamare Gallay Parr Gaya Hai. Me Kehta Hun Har Pakistani Ko Quram Majeed Parhna Aur Us Pr Sochna Chahye. Quran Paak Se Achi Kitaab Konsi Hogi ? Lakin Yeh Maulana Kitne Shareef Hote Hn ? Aj Ka Zamana Yeh Hai Ke Maulana Ko Bolo Ke Hamari Choti Bachhi Ko Quran Parha Dya Kro Aa Ker To Woh Ghar Aa Kr Bacchi Ko Hath Lagata Ha Choti Si Bacchi Ke Saath Tak Aese Krte Hn. Yeh Thik Lagta Ha Tumen ? Aqal Se Socho. Turkey Ke Misaal Dekho. Hum Turkey Jese Nai Ban Skte Kia ? Extremism Kroge Kisi Bhi Chez Ki Extreme Pr Jaoge To Nuksaan Hi Hoga Aur Yeh Bat To Quran Paak Me Bhi Hai Ke Adal Rakho. Pakistan Ke Aaj Kal Maulanas Pr Ik Ratti Bharr Bharosa Nai Ha Mera. Yeh Woh Log Hn Jo Dosron Ko Kahengy Buraye Na Kro Pr Inke Andr Jitni Burayi Bharri Hai Bas Chor Do. Leave It.

            • I partially agree. Rest not, bcz always there might exist good Ulama in every era. From ur eg; y v call molvi sab to teach our daughter ? Isn’t it our failure? If father is out for earning than mother should teach n if she also earns r she is not well enough to teach than who is responsible ? You have heard this sentence ” Sara System e kharab ha” its a 5 word sentence but keeps a sea in it. Conclusion is : v must be polite and keep good moral values. I just disagreed with u bcz by criticizing molviz is not a way to exit from tensions. V must Start 4m our self 1st. (Good to debate with u, hope u have got what inwanna say)

      • mullas r like a black sheeps in pakistan ! pakistan govt should ban mullas and their
        so-called maddersaas!!

    • Aapke papa ko 1 he bacha peda karna tha. Phr aap yan appka bhai yan aapki bahn is dunya me nhi hote.

      • aby bhai hamadullah memon tou woh banda hai jisko saathi condom se shakht nafrat hai aur larki choddhe baghair neend bhi nai atti !!!! owais bhai app bhi kisko samjhane lage yaaar!! haha

      • Memon sahab Jab tak ap jaise log hain, Pakistan centuries peeche hi rahega. Baraye Mehrbani Pakistan se bahar tashreef le jaye aur Hum pr ehsaan kijiye.

    • Please stop posting these old colonial comments……….Simple is that dont u understand……..? More the count of children more the votes in a democratic system. As far as there is democracy there is good reason to be in higher count.
      Apart form it is also not always true that small family makes progress , there are many examples that a intellectuall couple has two children and both of them remained nill at acheivements while a poor man has five to seven and atleast one of them is brillian which can lead all his family. So actually with the increase in count probabillity of success also increase as evident from population of India and China. Both are prospering on base of high head count and probabillity of having high number of artists/intellects

      • Apka Dimaghi Tuwazzun Thik Hai Bhai ? India and China At the same Category. WOW You Truly are Stupid. Your Points Are Absolute Non-sense And Your English is not the Best. Arguing with you Will just be a Waste Of My Time.

  • What is wrong with the bar for ethiopia? Either the number is wrong or the bar is wrong.

    I’m sure the mullahs are happy about pakistan’s rising population. They’ve said that using contraceptives is equivalent to killing children so two mostly muslim countries will have the highest relative population growth i.e. Nigeria and Pakistan

    • جلدی سے آ جائے ورنہ تو بس کی چھت پر بھی سفر کے لیے جگہ نہیں ملے گی ?

      • beta ap nai paal rahay ho logon ko. Allah khela raha hai wohe wasail paida kary ga

        • pakistan should total ban on babies for at least 10 years min for imovement of country ! otherwise nothing can change!

  • Koi Pakistanio ko bataye k “SAATHI” sirf MQM ka gaana nhn tha balke kch aur bhi tha ?

  • Islam rejects family planning on the basis that we will not be able to provide for our children. Rizq belongs to Allah so we need not worry about it. Child policy is un Islamic. This is pure mismanagement from authorities. On one hand, there is no water in Karachi and on the other hand, high rise buildings get water 24/7. Besides, more people means more demand for everything and so more jobs to cater that demand. This is how an economy is supposed to grow. We need more focus on management of resources so everybody gets food and water and education so we have lots of human capital. And get rid of the shitty financial system so it doesn’t leave the poor behind

    • Allah dosnent gives food to children! every body should worry about food , more people more food will require ! for example canada is eqaul to 8 pakistans by area ,has the highest standard of living with population of only 3.5 corores on the other hand pakistan has no electricity no gas no water no food no technology no lifestyle to 150 million people ,so its not better for pakistan that the govt should total ban on new babies for at least 10 years?
      financial system of canada and pakistan is totally same so this point is ruled out bro!
      u just blamed the govt infact govt is not at all responsible ! responsible is every one individual !!

  • Happy to hear that our futur is safe. We are gradually becoming more powerful.

  • Paisa kamatay hain 50000 or bachay kar laitay hain 5,6. Phir ronay rotay hain k bhai ghareebi kyun hai itni. Bc when u dont have money dont have kids. What r condoms for

  • I took part in Census 2017.. Yakin mano 1 kmry me 3 families rehti thi, aur 2 canal ki kothi mai 2 log…

  • Ye Allah, pak ki jagah hay !! Adha pakistan to panjar aur khali para hay phr rona kis baat ka… And, Abi qareeb main bhot si jang chiray gi sab jantay hain… Kon kon si jang hogi wo b sab jantay hain… So 2050 tk andaza lagana sakht tareen bewaqoofi hogi.. Jo log itna lamba sochtay hain zara wo ye b soch lein wo khud kitna arsa zinda raheingay..

  • >