ARY News is Off-Air Across the Country! [Updated]

ARY News, one of Pakistan’s top news channels, is currently off-air all across the country. The channel cannot be viewed on cable, dish, PTCL Smart TV, Digital Fibre Optic TV or through any other means. Even the online stream is unavailable.

It appears that the channel’s satellite link is currently down as a “No Signal” notification is appearing via some sources.

Initial reports are suggesting the down-time is due to technical issues at channel’s head-office and the feed is likely to be back online shortly. The timeline, however, has not been shared with us.

Update: Normal transmission of ARY News has resumed. Other channels which are part of the ARY Network have also resumed operations. Details regarding the issue have not been shared by the TV network, however, ARY News has confirmed (via its official twitter handle) that it was a technical glitch.


It won’t be out of place to mention that ARY News is considered strictly anti-government as most of their reporting and shows are heavy critical of government action and policies.

Prior to completing shutting down, the TV channel was stuck at this frame:

It has been reported that all ARY channels including ARY News, ARY Digital, QTV, ARY Musik, Nick Pakistan, HBO Pakistan, ARY Zauq and ARY Zindagi are unavailable at the time of writing.

People are also fearing that this down-time could be related to government’s involvement against the news channel. But nothing can be said for sure as of yet.

This is a developing story and will be updated when and if we get any further updates.

    • One of the most biased and unprofessional channel of Pakistan which is never sorry for its proven lies even, always doing an intentional effort to create rift between military and govt. So much anti PMLN while their owners have question mark on their past and even present (corruption) and for being very close to PPP leadership (business relations) and PTI (for political reasons).

      • Channel can be biased or unbiased its upto viewers if they wanna watch it or not. But what about a corrupt MAFIA ruling this nation having over 70% illitracy rate ? What about your corrupt partners like rana sanaullah and khawaja’ ? May Allah’s wrath be upon the corrupt people and their supporters in Pakistan. I believe you belong to some leagui patwari clan or beneficiary of some corrupt channel who are leeching this country

        • You remind me of our old maid who was always raising her “jhooli” abusing those she hated. But I believe your prayer was with full waddu.

          For this “corruption” of less than 5 billion Rs. (not dollars even) which isn’t proven that had sources from Pakistan and for which whole government is taken to task with illegal JIT formation and with all efforts to bring evidence only people like you can believe in.

          I am looking forward for both cases i.e. in SC and in EC.

          • Old maid? Wah bhai tumhari han bhi maid thi? Ghulamon k haan bhi ghulam hotay hain? Amazing.

          • Your beloved party’s Rana Sanaullah is not corrupt? Dil pr hath rkh kr or Allah ko hazir o nazir jankr bolna chahygain aap? Baton ko ghumana apse seekhe bnda.

        • Kisi ky naam rakhny sy debate nahe jeeta ja sakta..ridicule karna jahilon ka kaam ha…aur aap sabit kr rahay ho.

          Aap ky tars khanay ka shukria…

          Hadith ky mutabiq…kisi ky Jhoota hona ky liye itna kafi hy ky bina tahqeeq baat agay karay. Ye baat kis channel pr aur usky jahil viewers pr ati ha…dil pr haath rakh kr sochna.

          • Ali bhaiye Ap dil par haath rakh kar kah sakte hn Ke PML – N corrupt nai hai ? Yeah I Admit PML – N ne behtareen Motorways banayen aur banate ja rahe hn And bht bare bare projects banaye hn Load shedding bhi kam ki hai. Magar Ali Bhaiye Jab tak Main Issue Corruption ka hal na hoga tb tk kese Thik hoga hamara Watan ?

            Proof – Police Dekhen KPK Ki Pehle Kesi Thi Ab Kesi Hai.

            • Bhai, KPK police is mentioned as one of the key examples but KPK police chief went to Bani Gala in what capacity ? I am from KPK, all this show off in KPK on ground is nothing more than painting walls. Local print media very much know corruption of PTI, ANP and Fazlur Rahman but no one is talking about it.

              I personally know a few seniors in PTI and PMLN who are involved in decision making. What they share gives a good idea of both parties’ ethics. If you ask the same question to some senior impartial bureaucrat in federal government they will confirm that PMLN government never had any mega scandal, their senior leaders aren’t involved in money making.
              I genuinely supported PTI in 2012-2013 but what party is doing at the moment is not democratic, ethical, or different than what we have seen from other political parties. They are good only in propaganda, ridiculing their opponent and here they see PMLN as the only opponent. Do you see top leadership in PTI , wealth they made in last less than 2 decades ? All corrupt but electable are welcomed in the party, was PTI formed for this?

              If PM of a country and his family isn’t above the law one one is and they aren’t, why Imran is not responding in EC when he always “tries” to defend institutions ? Why is he not telling us that he has serious allegations against him in EC from not one else but his own party leader Akbar S Babar ?

              Precedents our institutions are creating will destroy every thing, hang Nawaz Sharif but rightly following the constitution. SC can’t form a JIT, can’t be a trial court, military can’t investigate financial corruption of any kind, institutions can’t function in a way as if they are bend to penalize anyone, rule that applies on me applies on others too, no one is a holy cow.

              • I don’t know personally any politician And you are saying that you know some politicians from both the parties personally so I guess you can judge them better and you have more information then me.

                I see you responding to many people who are criticizing PML N on this Article. You are all alone defending what you think is right. Akela banda itne logon se larr rha ha means You Really believe in PML N. And if you do that means their must be something Good it that party.

                PML N ke Chaudhary Nisar aur Shehbaz Sharif are good Magar over all I don’t know buddy. Seeing your points I will think about them and research on them. Maybe what you are saying may have some truth if you are willing to take a stand on it against the crowd.

                One more thing : I have two friends from KPK and they both tell me ke roads ban rahi hain In Abbotabad and other cities etc. One said today ” Police itni achi ho gayi ke hath nai milati ab toh taake koi rishwat na de de hath me ” . You also live in KPK, can you Answer truthfully and without being biased. Traffic Police aur Dosri Police me thora farq vi nai aya ? I may find it hard to believe that both of them are lying.

                • Dil pr hath rkh kr wali bat to khagai wo Bhai jaan. Chalakyan to unko bi bht ati hain. Wrna yahi bat dusron ko bolay bghair raha ni ja rha tha unse lol.

            • KPK ki police hamesha se bakiyun se behter aur ghair siyasi hai. Otherwise, PTI govt is only working in peshhawar till nowshera, no effect on rest of kpk.

              • To PML N bhi Lahore me Kam Kr Rhi Hai. And Secondly Thats Not True. PTI Baaki shehron me vi kaam kr rhi hai.

          • Patwari aur ghulam har jagah ab ‘religion’ card play kr rhe hain.
            Aisay hi mazhabi ho to Allah Ta’ala muamla bhi tum logoun k saath waisa hi karay.

            • “Tum logoun” ? mai yahan mazay ma hon bhae..and now you even know how religious I am ?

              I was always convinced and I am even more convinced that some PTI supporters make up their minds only perceptions only.

              This isn’t religion “card”, probably you don’t like hadiths to be mentioned ? too much insulting or showing a mirror ?

              Allah ka mamla ye ha ..wo chahay to kisi bhi “jaiz” court ma aap ko “na-jaiz” kay hawalay sy ghaseet de. Bayshak wahi izzat dynay wala ha.

              • First, I am NOT PTI wala.
                Second, I have no issue with ‘any’ authentic Islamic teaching.
                Third, Itna lootnay k baad bhi ussay ‘jaiz’ kehna chah rhe ho aur phir Hadith quote krte ho tum log :/

                Sharam nahi aati tum logoun ko? Mar kar Allah ko jawab dena hai NS ko nahi aur us jagah jahan ‘jhoot’ koi bool hi nahi pae ga aur jab baap betay ka nahi hoga to NS ki himayat (us waqt) to bohat dour ki baat hai.

      • Umar Cheema of Jang Group/Geo News did this “conspiracy” against Pakistan bringing Panama leaks in Pakistan.

        • Patwari maryam nawaz aur dalal chaudhary k ghulam, “tu bol le jinna bolna ee, tenu kush nai labna”

            • ? patwari’s *** on fire
              Chal hamzay k haath p tu bhi bait ker le. Nasli ghulam chahta hai k uss ki aulaad bhi iski terha inhi “shareef-badmaashon” ki ghulami aur inhi k haath pe bait kare. Jehaalat aur ghulami ki inteha.

        • This is conspiracy against Pakistan? Really?
          Sharam walay din paida nahi huwey thay shayad tum. Pakistan itna halka nahi k kuch tuchon ki corruption expose hone pe woh mulk k khilaf conspiracy ho jaye.
          Aur tum jo bhi chaploos ho just remember one thing k yeh Pakistan in ganjon ki jageer nahi hai k unki corruption ki dastaan ko mulk k khilaf sazish karar diya jaye. Yeh mulk Pakistan k logon ka hai na in chami chamaar politicians ka hai aur na tum jaisay chamchon ka. Samjh ayi baat? Apna manjan kisi aur tarikay se baich jakay.

      • Geo shows what is so much anti PMLN and govt….Panama leaks being the biggest.

        ARY’s programs are pre-planned (historically we have seen it) and with single point agenda i.e. Anti PMLN/Govt/Nawaz. They are gold smugglers turned media while Jang/Geo is journalist by birth.

        If you are an educated person at least try to differentiate right and wrong and appreciate (even if a little) otherwise you will prove nothing but yourself as patwari, and here by patwari I mean jahil not PMLN as you use patwari just to ridicule PMLN.

        • Jo channel baadshah salamat ki tareef karay woh acha aur jo na kary woh bura.

    • Biased or not… Just like GEO gets praise on dancing for GOVT, this channel should be allowed to be criticial of GOVT policies… As this is what freedom of speech means and should be allowed in a democratic country… If ARY is banned for biasedness, then GEO should also be banned as well… If you’re saying that GOVT should only ban Ary because they criticize them, that is a DICTATOR thought my friend, not a democractic one…

      • What is damaging politics of PMLN the most at the moment ? Panama leaks ?
        Who brought these leaks to Pakistan through Jang/The News/Geo ? Umar Cheema of Jang Group.

        If you try to be neutral and watch their programs they raise questions, they criticize on both sides. But on the other hand ARY has single point agenda i.e. ridiculing government like a street crowd with no ethics.

  • Channel should give news on truth even Hamid mir criticize marium today on geo news but this channel is so pro PTI and Anti PMLN u cant tell so openly that u are biased channel

  • Jo log yahan pay yah bol rahy han k yah kam pml n nay karwYa ha tu own logon ka tsreeban dur faty mo oh pagalon ary news asiaset 3s pay ata ha aur some time sun as sat k agy a jata ha,as leay kuch dar k leay no single a jaty ha yah story bahut purani ha jub dish ka dur tha in 1997 jub dish k dor tha ru zee star us etc channls be no sines ho jaty han kuch time k leay aur bad main channls pati chala k inform kar daty thay abi be yah hal howa ha pti walo once agsin dur faty mo agar mari bat pay yaqeen na ay tu ary k office pho e kar k tasdeeq kar sakty ho

    • bhai ap TV kyun on karty ho? apnay ghar se tv nikal do na zindagi mai sukoon ajaye ga, seriously :)

  • Log Joht sun sun k un ko Sach samjhna shoro ho gye hai. Yeh Level hai Pakistan ma corruption Aur jab koi Hisaab denay ko bulaye to Rona Pitna shoro kar dety hain. doob maro is jungle k qanoon ma agar achai aur burai ma tameez na kar sako.

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