ARY News is Off-Air Across the Country! [Updated]

ARY News, one of Pakistan’s top news channels, is currently off-air all across the country. The channel cannot be viewed on cable, dish, PTCL Smart TV, Digital Fibre Optic TV or through any other means. Even the online stream is unavailable.

It appears that the channel’s satellite link is currently down as a “No Signal” notification is appearing via some sources.

Initial reports are suggesting the down-time is due to technical issues at channel’s head-office and the feed is likely to be back online shortly. The timeline, however, has not been shared with us.

Update: Normal transmission of ARY News has resumed. Other channels which are part of the ARY Network have also resumed operations. Details regarding the issue have not been shared by the TV network, however, ARY News has confirmed (via its official twitter handle) that it was a technical glitch.


It won’t be out of place to mention that ARY News is considered strictly anti-government as most of their reporting and shows are heavy critical of government action and policies.

Prior to completing shutting down, the TV channel was stuck at this frame:

It has been reported that all ARY channels including ARY News, ARY Digital, QTV, ARY Musik, Nick Pakistan, HBO Pakistan, ARY Zauq and ARY Zindagi are unavailable at the time of writing.

People are also fearing that this down-time could be related to government’s involvement against the news channel. But nothing can be said for sure as of yet.

This is a developing story and will be updated when and if we get any further updates.