After Cable Cut, Internet in Pakistan is Back to Normal: PTCL

It appears that submarine cables connecting Pakistan with outside world are rife with issues these days.

While we know that TransWorld was having troubles for past few days — and since entire traffic was shifted to PTCL — the large amount of traffic caused ended up causing major disruption yesterday.

Today, in a new development, PTCL has made an announcement that one of the international submarine cable systems, SEA-ME-WE 4, has developed a fault.

Company said that this cable system issue might result in degraded customer experience, i.e. slow internet speeds, particularly during peak hours.

PTCL said that the international consortium managing the submarine cable system has initiated the repair work to restore services at the earliest.

PTCL said that it is fully alert of the situation and necessary action to minimize the service impact has already been undertaken. It confirmed that traffic is now being routed through 3 other submarine cable networks that are available to PTCL.


After commencement of operations of AAE-1, PTCL has said that country’s internet is back to normal.

PTCL, after getting the internet operations back to normal, issued below official statement:

“With reference to the recent fault in the SEA-ME-WE 4 international submarine cable, PTCL using its diverse internet cable network has arranged additional bandwidth and internet services are now back to normal.

PTCL folks reportedly dealt with an international problem — i.e. submarine cut — for the nation within 24 hours.

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      • Ping is a basic Internet program that allows a user to verify that a particular IP address exists and can accept requests.

      • Packet Internet or Inter-Network Groper (PING) A basic Internet program that verifies if a particular IP address exists and that it can accept requests.

  • My ptcl is working like dialup pages take ages to load Twitter is not even opening right now I have activated jazz 3g it is on Tw1 network and it is giving much better browsing compared to Ptcl.

  • Most of the sites that I’m visiting are giving a DNS error. My one of the sites was giving the same, urgently, I shifted to Cloudflare, it is working fine now, because I observed those sites that are on Cloudflare were working like charm so I decided to do the same! But work all on a VPN!

  • Where is AAE1? The cable which was commissioned just days ago, and was reported on yiur page to have capicity of about 45gbps?

    • Valid question, I was thinking of same. With that new 40TB bandwidth added, we must not have such issues. Either its not operational or is not being utilized for some gains.

  • I have 20MB of internet from fiberlink and yes I am also facing this issue. I can’t even see videos on YouTube @480p.

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