Xiaomi Updates Mi Fit App With New Features and UI

Fitness enthusiasts rejoice! Your Mi Band is about to get even better.

Xiaomi has announced an update to their Mi Fit App which is getting new features and a revamped UI.

Dubbed “Mi Fit App 3.0”, it will include 3 major changes:

  1. Refreshed UI
  2. Support for cycling and jogging activities
  3. Homepage customization

Mi Fit App Status page

The status page is getting a new customize button which lets you rearrange the icons and notifications to your liking.

New activities

Previously you could track outdoor running and treadmill stats through the app (a Mi Band is required) but now you can also track outdoor cycling and walking statistics. GPS tracking is also available for the two new options.

Updated profile

For the profile page, Xiaomi has added the ability to control all paired devices in addition to customizing your profile.

Where to Get The App

The new update hasn’t been released on the Play Store yet (Xiaomi mentions that it’s coming soon) however you can sideload the APK file to get the update right now. You will need to sign in or register at the official Mi forums to access the APK.

Additionally you can head over to the Mi App Store to download it from there.

iPhone users can download it from the iTunes App Store right now.

Download Mi Fit App 3.0 APK.
Download Mi Fit App 3.0 on Mi App Store.
Download Mi Fit App 3.0 on iOS.

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