Is a Chinese Company Going to Build Pakistan’s Largest Airport in Lahore?

The federal government has awarded a contract of about $382 million to a Chinese construction company for the reconstruction and expansion of Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport. The news was published recently by a Chinese state-owned newspaper.

The contract worth RMB 2.6 billion was awarded to China Construction Third Engineering Bureau. The Pakistani government wants the construction company to ‘engineer, procure and construct a redesigned Lahore airport.’

‘Following its expansion and reconstruction, it will become Pakistan’s largest airport,’ states the report.

About the Project

It is the company’s largest overseas project. According to the Chinese newspaper this marks “another important achievement in Belt and Road construction.”

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China Construction Third Engineering Bureau has also secured contracts for other major projects all across the country. The company has previously been linked to the Karachi-Lahore Expressway between Sukkur and Multan, Arfa Software Technology Park Lahore and the Centaurus Hotel in Islamabad.

Another Company Also Received the Contract?

Prior to this, in May 2016, it was announced that the Spanish firm, TYPSA International, was awarded the contract to reconstruct the Lahore airport. The announcement included a lot of detail such as the airport’s design and estimated time.

Previously it was reported that the airport was to be remodeled in the shape of the national flower, Jasmine. It was also said that the airport would expand in all directions except its West, which accommodates the runway. After the expansion, the airport was said to have hanger capacity of 22 aircraft, up from 7 at present.

A round park near the airport was to be converted to the new parking lot for passenger vehicles; separated into arrival and departure lounges.

TYPSA Group has previously worked in Madrid and Sao Paulo. The company was supposed to finish the project within 30 months.

Final Words

Since the news has come from a credible source, the Chinese government owned newspaper, it should be correct. However, the Pakistani government has yet to officially confirm the project. There are also no details regarding TYPSA Group’s current status when it comes to the airport expansion project.

Questions abound as to whether the government has quietly changed the contractor for the project or is in the midst of doing so.

The Spanish company’s website, however, states that it has completed the detailed design of the new airport and has presented it to the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Via: Chinese Newspaper, TYPSA Group

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  • Selling Pakistan to China …. one thing at a time…. welcome to the enslavement of the modern era.

    • Kash k Pak ki koi construction company is kabil hoti to ye contract china ki company win na karti. Jab koi project launch hota hay to is ki open bid karvai jati hay. Jo company lowest bid lgati hay us ko contract dia jata hay. …. jis cheez k baray mai poori information he na ho us k baray mai bongi ni marni chahiay brohter.

    • Because Lahore lahore eeeyyyyyyyyyyyy…………ab samajh aay Real Tattay. Surrr Imran khan ki tarhan……aur Bandar jaisi shakal nikaal lay.

    • OR villages main Air port bana dayn Go check the Allama iqbal airport how many people travel from lahore airport daily and jab Hajj flight jani ye aani ho its very small compare to other airport around the world

      • We should build more airports in other cities as well to reduce the load in lahore airport, that will also help to reduce traffic load in lahore city, at the same time helping people from different cities flying from their home town despite traveling to lahore first. its the only solution, otherwise even you build airport like dubai you still have many issues like road traffic and management.

  • In my understanding, China needs a land to relocate its citizens as their population is growing. So Pakistan is ideal country at the moment. It is friend with benefits or you can also call it enslavement

  • Restructuring the present Lahore airport will be a waste of money. Better option will be to use the design to build a new international airport across the Ravi, in the Sheikhupura-Gujranwala-Shahdara triangle. It will benefit passengers of Shekhupura, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Sialkot, etc. They will not have to pass through the entire Lahore metropolitan area. The present airport may be used for domestic flights. It will choke when flights increase as it has only runway. Bigger terminal will not help much.

    • You are right it has to be relocation close the distances and link with other city’s as well

  • Lahore should have a new airport at a new location if it is to meets the needs of several decades. The present airport is on one side of the city. Since it also serves the needs of surrounding districts, the passengers from there have to pass through city, causing huge traffic problem. The best location for the new port would be across the Ravi, in the triangle Shahdara-Sheikhupura-Gujranwala. The passengers from the neighboring districts may come and go without entering Lahore. Near the new airport should be located all offices of the provincial government. The area may gradually become the new provincial capital. The new airport will be closer to the city than the present one. Only a few new bridges will needed across the Ravi. The river, with little water, may become a picnic spot.

  • Lahore airport Lahore metro train Lahore airport Islamabad airport rest of pakistan is dying in hunger while spending whole wealth of pakistan in lahore

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