Punjab Govt to Replace Vehicle Registration Books With Smart Cards

Punjab government is finally gearing up to fulfill its two year old commitment. The provincial government previously announced its plans back then that it was going to replace vehicle registration books with automated smart cards.

The Excise Taxation and Narcotics Control Department intends to introduce Automated Registration Cards (ARC) by November of this year.

The Taxation department had invited bidders for this purpose in April this year. The bids are now being evaluated based on their technical and financial criteria. The department will complete its evaluation by the end of this month and will award the contract as soon as possible.

2 Million Smart Cards Annually

Bidding documents have revealed that the department requires applicants to be capable of publishing at least 2 million cards per year. Technical requirements include counterfeit resistance, durability and secure storage of personal data. Each card will be valid for at least five years after being issued.

Chief Minister Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif, announced the automated card service back in March 2015. However, the project saw limited progress during this time. Until now that is.

Benefits for Car Owners

The automated card will bring several benefits for car owners. The reduction in its size will end the hassle of keeping a registration book and carrying it around. The smart cards are more convenient that way.

These automated cards will come with a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip for verification of car details including chassis number, registration number, token tax expiry date, etc.

The Department of Excise & Taxation issues over 2 million registration books every year. The current stock of books will last until November this year, therefore, it can be assumed that these will be replaced by cards after the current stock of books finishes.

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    • Hawai byaan na dy dia kro Shaikh saab , ab jis k pas 2 cars aor aik motor cycle ha uska data wo cnic pay kesy likh sakty hein , smart card her vehicle ka issue hoa kry ga instead of registration file , uy buhat behtar ha , cnic international standared ka hota ha jis pay apni marzi say aik word b additional nhi likh sakty

    • -1
      I am wondering why EU countries, US and GCC countries even have not considered your “azeem” suggestion. A 1 million dollar idea it is.. (Zimbabwe dollar).

    • Lol you just don’t see the benefit just trying to comment over illogically, poor thinking.

    • Qasim!
      Agree with you. Every thing is going to be computerized for increasing rates. But in sab cheezon ka fayeda kam mil rha hy. At ATMs you will get answers: This ATM is out of cash, This ATM is out of service. At Government services offices: Hamra computer kharab, hay, Computer pe kam karnay wala bnda nai aya. Ya cambaght light nai hoti. So called computerization.

    • Its a very poor approach. In Islamabad neither the police Department have the scanner to see if you have paid the annual token Secondly once the token is paid manually they provide you a sticker and an invoice. You have to paste that on your screen. Book was a good tool to go with.

      • A valid point. Boht computer computer kar lain. Iss mulk may manual system hamaishay kamyab raha hay.

  • I think its good step for both vehicles owners and govt. Its easy to carry like ATM card and its nightmare for non custom vehicles.

  • Valid only for 5 years? It should be valid for life time like registration book. It is another stupid gimmick to generate more revenue by renewing vehicle registration card after every 5 years.

  • Please tell me When Smart vehicle registration card will be launched the old file system should remain or not. Like I have cultus 2006 and don’t have old registration book because this car was bank leased and may be taken back by bank from defaulter. 1st possibility is at that time may be original book left to previous owner. 2nd possibility is when owner paid all installments at that time excise was not giving old book. Department was discarding​ old books and giving only computerized book along with file in 2012-2013. But now a days excise dept is giving old books with file but with hand written remarks on old book like. Not valid etc. My car was bank leased so bank verified its old copy from excise and from court and sales to 2nd party. Because of verification excise didn’t mention duplicate on file or on book. Now I am facing trouble to sale it. Dealers are saying this file is duplicate and due to bank’s involvement excise didn’t mention duplicate on it. I need some openion on this issue.
    Thank you,
    Salman Masoud

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