Microsoft’s Outlook App for iOS Gets UI Tweaks and New Features

Good news for outlook users on iOS as Microsoft has released an update with improved search functionality, a new layout for navigation and some changes to how conversations work.

Unfortunately, these features will take some time to be ported over to the Android version of outlook.

Three New Changes

Here’s a breakdown of the latest changes to the app.

1. Conversation View Changes

When scrolling through conversations, more of the conversation can be seen at a glance without actually opening it.

If you do decide to open one, rather than showing the last message, it takes the user to the first unread message (previously you had to scroll down).

Additionally it’s easier and quicker to reply to the conversation as there is a dialogue box at the bottom much like a chatting application.

2.Navigation Pane Changes

The navigation pane (tucked away to the left side) has been redesigned with two separate partitions.

A grey pane to the left most end now contains all the connected accounts along with a help/support button at the bottom for easier access.

Adjacent to the grey pane, a list of all the folders of the active account is also present for quick navigation.

3.Added Search Functionality

Microsoft has also joined the ‘contextual search’ race with this latest update. The new search functionality is more expansive in its scope and now includes people and attachments along with emails.

The search bar now also gives suggestions based on previous searches and frequent contacts. Moreover, travel itineraries and packages can also be tracked.

Microsoft has said Android will receive these features in the ‘next couple of months’. 

Download Microsoft Outlook on iOS.

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