24Hours.pk and Space Bring Accessories Mega Sale

In recent times 24HOURS.PK has come up with some rather attractive sales and discounts.

The ecommerce platform is now coming up with another special sales promotion for its customers. The company has decided to partner with ‘SPACE, a premium tech gear brand for the ‘Space par Accessories ki Loot Sale’ this weekend.

The philosophy remains the same – to bring the best possible deal to the customer with big and small, pleasant surprises along the way.

From Friday, July 21, 2017 to Sunday, July 23, 2017,  you can shop from a collection of especially designed 21 bundle deals featuring various products from SPACE and enjoy the promised gifts/products.

Each of the bundle deals feature, premium-quality audio/video accessories and power banks with guaranteed performance. Unique to these bundle deals is a specific gift/product that you get to take home for absolutely free.

Each free product is unique to a certain bundle deal and can be availed only via purchase of the said-deal. You only have to pay for those deals via EasyPay in order to avail them.

Simply purchase one or more of the bundle deals over EasyPay and enjoy additional products absolutely free of cost. There is no limit to your basket size. You can shop for as many bundle deals as you like with promised free products.

During past campaigns, some customers expressed their concerns to 24HOURS over how they were unable to shop for their preferred product. 24HOURS.PK has taken this feedback into consideration for its recent promotion.

Now shoppers can purchase as many bundle deals as they like, with a free gift with each bundle.

SPACE Space par Accessories ki Loot Sale

24HOURS.PK has added a bunch of products that are worth the chase including:

  • Free Rs. 1,500 Bluetooth Sunglasses,
  • Free Rs. 1,500 Smartwatches,
  • Free Rs. 3,500 Nokia 3310,
  • Free Rs. 10,000 Atom Laptop,
  • Free Rs. 10,000 Projectors,
  • Free Rs. 12,000 UPS,
  • Free Rs. 12,000 Samsung Mobiles,
  • Free Rs. 32,000 LED TVs (32”),
  • and more.

The bundle deals are expected to go live at midnight on Friday, July 21, 2017 for customers across the country.

Customers can exclusively use Easypay for ensuring safe and secure transactions. The free gifts are also subject to payment via Easypay.

This coming weekend, make it all about 24HOURS.PK!