PTCL Revenues Up By 3% This Quarter

PTCL announced the financial results for the first half of 2017 in its Board of Directors’ meeting at Islamabad on July 19, 2017.

A sequential growth of 3% was recorded in PTCL’s revenue in Q2 17 over Q1 17. Revenue from PTCL’s flagship Broadband service increased over the same period last year. Likewise, wholesale services and international revenues also increased.

Excluding the one-off expenditures, the operating expenses were reduced by 2%. PTCL’s profit after tax during the period, excluding the impact of one-off items, reduced by 7% over the same period last year mainly due to decrease in voice and EVO revenue and lower non-operating income.

PTCL Group earned Rs. 58.5 billion revenue during first half of 2017.  Excluding the one-off expenditures, the operating expenses were increased by 1% over the same period last year.

The Group’s profit after tax increased by 27% over corresponding period of last year mainly due to successful settlement of certain legal issues during the period

In the year 2017, marking 70 years of service to the nation, PTCL continued with the ambitious transformation of its network and in this regard several more exchanges have been fully transformed with the latest technologies enabling provision of high-end data services up to 100 Mbps speed.

PTCL also successfully launched its flagship Charji wireless broadband service in Azad Jammu & Kashmir with encouraging customer response. During the period, a new submarine cable viz. AAE-1 (Asia Africa Europe-1), of which PTCL is a consortium member, was launched with connectivity from Hong Kong to France.

The AAE-1, which is in addition to the three existing submarine cables, will considerably augment PTCL‘s capacity to satisfactorily meet the ever-increasing bandwidth demand in Pakistan.

    • Profit to hona hai. I am paying Rs.4800 for (12 Mbps DW) and (3 Mbps UP).
      Because i have no other choice. BTW PTCL VDSL is working flawlessly.

        • Zong 4G ha meray pas par not for downloading (Capped data)
          Need fiber, Unfortunately not available :-(

          • If you like in Lahore,Karachi,Islamabad,Faisalabad or Gujranwala They are now going to offer 20 MBPS for 3000 PKR i am looking forward to it i am paying 3025 for 8MBPS so i am also helping them get that profit :D
            I hope they bring their new exiting offers to everywhere and before someone asks YES they do support a line for upto 50 MBPS that can run 4MB (25dB) Attenuation.

            There you have it folks they are going to grow and they are going to grow like never before :D

            • I am in Lahore, the package you are telling me, only going to be available in Gulberg where GPON is available not all exchanges are on GPON.
              I myself has a very good line (Attainable Rate (Kbps): 73205 13525) speeds up to 50 MBPS can achievable easily on my VDSL line

  • unbelievable . even in lahore they can’t maintain their poles . how they are doing internationally.

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