Nawaz Sharif Was Legally Getting Salary from Dubai Job: New Details

New details have emerged regarding Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his employment in the UAE while holding public office in Pakistan.

A law firm from Dubai, Khalifa bin Huwaidan Advocates, has submitted a legal opinion to Supreme Court of Pakistan on the matter of PM’s employment in UAE.

It has verified that the documents, which state that he was an employee of Capital FZE in Jebel Ali Freezone (Jafza) until 2014, are 100% authentic and legal.

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An official of the law firm confirmed:

“Normally businessmen establish companies in Dubai if they want to maintain a visa status in the company but in this case, (Nawaz Sharif) was an employee in a Jafza-based firm.”

The law firm has termed Nawaz Sharif’s labor contract “100 per cent legal”. An official also said that as per existing UAE labor laws, the labor contract is required.

The Sharif family, for its part, has denied that the Prime Minister received any salary from the company and that the visa was only used to facilitate in visiting the country. Hussain Nawaz, the PM’s son, has rejected the findings of the JIT regarding the status of his father’s employment and salary.

However, UAE Labor Law clearly states that an employee has to receive their salaries through a personal bank account under the UAE’s Wage Protection System (WPS). If a firm/employer fails to comply with the above, it is blacklisted and shut down.

In other words, if the UAE authorities don’t find a record of a salary being transferred to an employee’s bank account, the employer is held accountable.

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Previously, the JIT investigating the Sharif family had revealed that the Prime Minister was the Chairman of an offshore company, Capital FZE, in Dubai and had obtained a work visa. His employment earned him AED 10,000 (PK Rs. 286,000) per month.

There was no mention of the company or the employment in any of the financial documents submitted by Nawaz Sharif before he became the Prime Minister of the country, a violation of the Constitution of Pakistan. Following the verification of the legality of the employment contract, Nawaz Sharif will have no room to contest the documents in court. In turn, this could impact the case against the Sharif family.

Via: Khaleej Times

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  • In Government sector it is common that people do part time jobs with their regular jobs in Government sector. So as a tradition of Government sector, PM did not do any thing extra ordinary. :)
    Same can be true for Ishaq Dar sb.
    No its up to you guys become senator or PM and also hold your other jobs.

    • آپ کی یہ بات تو درست ہے کہ لوگ پارٹ ٹائم جاب کرتے ہیں لیکن اس کے لیے حکومت سے این او سی لینی ضروری ہے۔
      لیکن یہاں معاملہ یہ ہے کہ نواز شریف کی پارٹ ٹائم جاب دوسرے ملک میں تھی اور قانوناً۔عملاً عقلاً ایسا ہونا ناممکن ہے۔

    • and
      you people who still support Imran Khan after Foreign (Indian) Funding you
      should commit suicide.

      • Haha. Yes Imran khan invited Jindal (Indian businessman as well as spy) in Pakistan and took him to murree without visa. It is IK who has factories in India. Are you genuinely thay stupid or you have to try hard?

      • And that is the pro way of evading the real issue. Put the blame on others while not accepting the real deal. Majaal hai k ap jse supporters nay ek dfa bi mana ho k han PML ghalat hai corrupt hai. You people talk like that these are holy saints or something.

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