Pakistan Sells ‘Super Mushshak’ Aircraft to Qatar

The first batch of Pakistani primary trainer aircraft — Super Mushshak — has arrived in Doha, according to guidance directorate for the Defence Ministry.

An event was organized at Al Zaeem Mohamed Bin Abdullah Al Atiyyah Air College, Qatar, where the announcement took place.

The occasion saw participation from Qatar Armed Forces Chief of Staff, Major General Ghanim bin Shaheen al-Ghanim, Major-General Ahmed bin Ibrahim al-Malki, Deputy Commander of the Emiri Air Force.

Several high-level delegates from Pakistan were also present to witness the moments event unfold. It included Officers from the Pakistan Air Force, several members of the embassy and the Pakistani military attache.

The Commander of the college, Brigadier Salem Hamad, expressed his gratitude towards Pakistan and said that Super Mushshak’s are a quality addition to the training aircraft fleet in the college.

Brigadier Salem further added,

These aircrafts will be utilized to provide training support to the pilot candidates of the college as these turbofan engine planes are used in primary and fundamental military air training, in addition to parades and night flying.

Produced by Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, the MFI-17 Mushshak comprises of two or three seats, with a wingspan of 8.85 meters, length 7.15 meters and a maximum speed of 268 km per hour.

Souvenirs were exchanged at the end of the event between both sides and the delegation was honored with a tour of the facilities,  training rooms, simulation systems and airfields.

The purchase agreement was signed in June 2016, and Pakistan is also supplying 10 Super Mushshak to the Nigerian Air Force.

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