Use This Calculator to Find the Perfect Time to Sleep

Heard some friend or family member say “Get at least 8 hours of sleep or you won’t be active during the day?”

As it turns out, getting the right amount of sleep is just one part of the equation.

We not only need a certain amount of sleep, but also need to wake up in between ‘sleep cycles’ in order to derive the maximum advantage out of our rest.

The Circadian Biological Clock

Researchers suggest our bodies have a certain biological clock running in them which controls our state of alertness throughout the day.

Ever notice the sudden drowsiness around 2pm in the afternoon, or close to your bedtime? Well that’s your clock putting you in a state of low activity.

But how does this affect the time you should be in bed? Well it turns out we sleep in ‘cycles’ rather than a continuous state of sleep. It’s important to wake up at the end of one these cycles so that you end up feeling fresh and alert in the morning.

The ideal range of these cycles is within five to six each night. Each cycle is around 90 minutes long.

The calculator takes this information into consideration and gives you a time to sleep based on the time you need to wake up.

The Calculator

This online sleep calculator is very easy to use.

You are given two options,

  • either input the time you need to wake up and the app tells you a time to sleep,
  • to find out the ideal time for waking up whenever you need to sleep.

We entered 8 am as the time for waking up and these are the results we were presented with.

When we checked the other option, the following result was obtained.

So if you want to wake up alert and active, this is a good way of finding out when you should get to bed.

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