Linkedin Lite is a Light Weight Version for Developing Markets

LinkedIn is a social media network that is popular amongst professionals. It was acquired by Microsoft and has 500 million users at the moment.

The social media network has big plans for its future growth. They have decided to launch LinkedIn Lite, just like Facebook Lite, which is the smaller, light-weight version of the main app for Android.

Last year Facebook Lite became the largest growing app of Facebook. It hit 200 million users this year and the revenues of Facebook outside North America and Europe went up by 52%. LinkedIn aiming to replicate their success.

App Features

The data usage is reduced greatly in the Lite version. It only uses 1MB of the space on your phone.

The pages of the app load in less than five seconds even while using 2g connections. The app has all the primary features of the LinkedIn app like news feed, jobs, profile, access to your LinkedIn network, messaging, notifications, and search without the heavy graphics or data which might slowdown the page.

LinkedIn has been building new tools for people in developed countries.

LinkedIn Does Its Research

In September last year, LinkedIn was launched for the first time in India as a mobile app. They held many surveys before the release of the app. So naturally, it had services which were specifically designed for the people of India which is its biggest emerging market. There are 42 million people using the app in the country right now.

The reason why the app was not launched on iOS is that in India and in other developing countries the majority uses Android.

LinkedIn Lite is now available in India and they plan on introducing it to 60 more markets in the developing world in the coming weeks.

Akshay Kothari, LinkedIn’s country manager for India said in an interview,

Besides providing a fast, data-light solution for professionals in slow network areas, we hope the LinkedIn Lite app will democratize access to economic opportunity.

Via TechCrunch

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