Facebook Lite is the Company’s Fastest Growing App with 100m Monthly Active Users

Facebook Lite, the Facebook app which is low on data-consumption, has hit 100M active monthly views globally. The app, which was rolled out on June of 2015 is now the fastest growing Facebook app, and is most popular in markets such as Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Philippines where people have difficulty finding fast and stable connections.

The app, which has a remarkable 1 MB APK size, compared to 42 MB from the regular Android version and lots & lots of further data/storage consumption achieves major constraints through its scaled back system.

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Still, it doesn’t mean you are getting an entirely filtered experience. Recently the company made additions like emoji support, video playback, pinch-to-zoom in photos and multiple photo uploads. With almost 96% of the world’s population having access to 2G services, but at least 1.6 billion still far from having any higher technology, Facebook has its sights set on getting most users of the demographic.

Looking forward to the future, the app sets to achieve and keep sustaining three goals: stay below the 1 MB APK size limit, work well on 2G networks by designing client-server interaction and work on Android Gingerbread Smartphones or a 2009 class phone.


The client-server architecture takes most of the resource load from the client, while the Lite server does most the heavy duty jobs like the screen layout and animations. All this and more helps it achieve the best-in-class performance metrics.

You can learn more about this in the company’s blogpost.

With Free Basics banned in places like India and Egypt, Facebook Lite might be Holy Grail Facebook has been looking for in emerging markets.

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