KP Govt to Spend 10 Billion to Beautify Peshawar

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has announced that it is going to spend Rs. 10 billion to change the outlook of Peshawar through various beautification and development projects.

Chief Minister KPK, Parvez Khattak is quite active these days in terms of the new development projects. Having recently signed an agreement for the construction of hydropower projects, the Chief Minister seems to be on a mission here.

Peshawar city is the center of attention when it comes to KPK, therefore it was high time for the authorities to introduce such initiatives to enhance the beauty of the city. This move may need a much-needed positive impact not just at the national level but at the international front as well, considering the fact that Peshawar is the capital city of KPK.

The Projects

Official sources told Radio Pakistan about the upcoming development projects, which are being initiated in a bid to overcome the traffic problems in the city.

Following are the major developments that are going to take place in the coming months.

  • Construction of six flyovers to avoid rush
  • Two toll plazas for peaceful and orderly traffic
  • Renovation of Ring Road Peshawar to ensure less travelling time
  • Solar-powered road and street lights for more sustainability

These projects will not only alleviate the traffic problems in the city but will also change the outlook of the city. After focusing on the energy sector, CM KPK has turned to infrastructural projects in the province.

via The Nation

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