Girls Outperform Boys In Rawalpindi Matric Exams

Girls have yet again outperformed the boys and managed to clinch all the top positions in the SSC exam of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) of Rawalpindi.

The exam results were announced on Monday and it showed that the pass percentage of girls stood at a remarkable 84.62 whereas the pass percentage was 72.18.

The overall pass percentage among all candidates stood at 77.72%.

Amber Liaqat — student of Radiant Secondary School for Girls located on Iqbal Road in Rawalpindi — secured the first position in the board by obtaining 1,089 marks out of a total of 1,100 marks.

Following Amber was Maryam Khalid of Winnington High School for Girls in Jehlum who obtained 1,079 marks. She got the 2nd position.

Third position was shared by four candidates, who all obtained 1,077 marks. The four candidates were:

  • Areeba Aslam from Radiant School,
  • Umme Salma from Fauji Foundation Model Secondary School for Girls from Chakwal,
  • Rameesa Wajid from District School for girls Chakwal,
  • Memoona Afzal from Siddique Public School for Girls in Rawalpindi.

General Details

A total of 121,290 students appeared in the annual examination; 94,402 candidates passed whereas 26,888 failed their exams.

According to the details, as many as 54,111 girls appeared in the examination and 45,878 of them passed their exams. From 67,393 boys who appeared in the examination, 48,615 passed.

A total of 88,145 regular students from government schools appeared in the examination and had 85.56% pass percentage. The rest were private students who only managed a pass percent of 57%.

The BISE board has announced that a ceremony will be held to appreciate all the position holders and that prizes will be distributed amongst them. The ceremony is to be held at Government Asghar Mall Degree College for Boys on Tuesday.

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    Girls outperform boys: You go girls !

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