Mir Shakil Ur Rehman Calls Social Media a Gutter

Mir Shakil Ur Rehman, the owner of Jang Group and Geo Television Networks yesterday termed social media “gutter.”

He didn’t stop there and also implied that more than 75% of the world thinks the same.

He said: “Rubbish is being peddled on social media currently. 75 percent of social media is rubbish in the world. International people term it as gutter. It is a gutter”

His remarks came as he was holding a press conference outside the Supreme Court where he apologized before the judges for running a fake story about the JIT.

This is not the first time that the Jang Group has explicitly called social media “gutter”, as it appears that his organization has previously used exactly same words for social media.

While we understand and respect MSR’s comments, the gentleman apparently went way off the track and this actually depicts his low understanding and poor personal awareness about how social media works.

Imran Khan uses social media because it’s free for him and for all the politicians, even for PML-N to post whatever they want.

This actually pretty much explains his dissent for Social Media, i.e. it is a free medium and anyone can use it as per their liking unlike before when his media house had the power to control the national narrative.

Since social media is challenging the conventional media, it is naturally not liked by the people at Jang group.

Experts say that his group should learn about social media and start capitalizing its potential instead of opposing it, before its too late for them.

    • Jang group se zyada biased aur corrupt media shayed hi kahin hoga. Maybe Fox News can compete with these guys.

      • They’re as much biased as Geo Gang. Only difference is one supports PTI and other PML-N. I used to like Dunya News but they gave gone on the same path supporting blindly Nawaz Sharif.

        • Mian Aamir, the owner of Dunya news is politically affiliated with PML-N. So that’s the reason everywhere “Mian.. Mian”

  • اوے پرو پاکستانی / پرو پی ٹی آئی
    میر شکیل کی اس سے اچھی تصوریں بھی ہیں
    پر پوٹی آئی والوں اور اے آر وائی کو یہی والی پسند ہیں
    آپ کو بھی یہی والی پسند آئی ؟؟؟

  • Nothing to get offended about……he said “most of the people think Social media is gutter”

    • social media is the media where real faces are exposed with no fear, for a moment just deem there is no social media, do you really think you will always be give a true new by electronic media which is almost available for Rent which being sold and bought by ruling party, Shakeel ur rehman is a traitor and angry on social media because this is the only media which he can not control

      • Geo and jang group are most trusted news media. IK group just blaming and not giving truth about the reality. If PM left his post .than there is corruption free Pakistani. NO NO NOt at all. Youngsters are put in FOOL’S PARADISE and they think that IK is an angel but reality for these fellow may bomb shell after few years.

        • How can you give judgement for a man who has never been tested, at once IK should be given a chance because you have seen and tested every politician and all have looted and plundered the country, who you think is better than, NS?, wakeup and have rational notions.

  • There is a lot of dishonesty and meanness on social media. People spread lies because they don’t like someone or something. I can say Jang is the same but there is more filth on social media so maybe one can say both Jang and Social media are gutter but Social media is a bigger gutter because more is consumed here.

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