NEPRA Approves 33% Cut in Electricity Prices

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Tuesday approved a cut in power tariff for the billing period of June amounting to Rs 2.23 per unit following a reduction in furnace oil price.

The fuel adjustment is not applicable for K-Electric consumers and people using less than 300 units.

The adjustment would help reduce the volume of bills for all the consumers amounting to a total of Rs 25 billion.

In a petition, Central Power Purchase Agency (CPPA) has sought Rs 2.23 per unit reduction in power tariff for June.

NEPRA approved Rs 2.23 per unit reduction in power tariff for June under the monthly fuel adjustment mechanism.

The CPPA submitted to NEPRA that some 11.210 GWh were supplied to the distribution companies in June costing Rs 52.627 billion.

In its petition, the CPPA submitted to the regulator that it had charged a reference tariff of Rs 6.82 per unit while the actual fuel cost remained at Rs 4.69 per unit during the said period.

The hydel generation remained at 30.46 per cent, Gas at 18.43 per cent, Coal at 5.69 per cent, imported RLNG at 12.28 per cent, furnace oil at 22.34 per cent and nuclear at 5.74 per cent.