Prices For The New Facelift Corolla Revealed

The new Corolla Facelift for Pakistan has been teased for a long time and a lot of pictures have been leaked as well. It was only a matter of time before Toyota would start taking orders for the new vehicles.

Today, the company officially took the veil of its newest Corolla model, with its prices as well.


Indus Motors Company has updated their website with the new prices for the Corolla Facelift, effective today. However, the specification list hasn’t been updated yet.

Let’s take a look at the pricing of all the facelifted Corolla variants that is now being offered by Toyota:

  • XLi: Rs. 1,750,000
  • GLi: Rs. 1,889,000
  • GLi AT: Rs. 1,964,000
  • Altis 1.6: Rs. 2,149,000
  • Altis 1.8: Rs. 2,224,000
  • Altis 1.8 CVT: Rs. 2,349,000
  • Altis 1.8 Grande: Rs. 2,399,000
  • Altis 1.8 Grande CVT: 2,549,000

It should be noted that these prices are exclusive of the income tax which is applicable for each car depending on their engine size.

For XLi, GLi and GLi AT income advanced withholding tax for tax filers is Rs. 25,000 whereas for non-filers it is Rs. 40,000.

For Altis 1.6 the withholding tax for filers is Rs. 50,000 and for non-filers Rs. 100,000.

For Altis 1.8, 1.8 CVT, Grande and Grande CVT the withholding tax for filers come in at Rs. 75,000 and Rs. 150,000 for non-filers.


This time around, Toyota is focusing more on the safety of its vehicles, including more safety measures in the new models. Dual SRS air bags are now expected to be standard across all variants, although the inclusion of air bags in XLi remains unconfirmed.

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Other than that, Altis 1.6 and above variants will also be having an ISOFIX child seat anchors. The tires on these models are expected to be made in Japan.

The Grande is perhaps the one that sees the most changes in the Corolla lineup. Just to name a few the new Grande is getting:

  1. New 16-inch alloys
  2. LED Projection Headlamps
  3. Auto Headlamp Leveling
  4. Daytime Running Lamps
  5. Smart Entry
  6. Push Start
  7. Side Skirts
  8. 9-inch infotainment system
  9. Sports Mode
  10. Vehicle Stability Control

New Corolla in Pictures

Pictures have leaked before of the new Corolla showing it in all its glory at a private event that was allegedly held in Lahore and Islamabad.



Pictures of the same vehicle (taken near Rahim Yar Khan) were also leaked during its test run across the country.


Availability and Booking

Sources have revealed that the booking will officially start from today but it may vary from dealership to dealership. However, official letters containing the prices and new specifications have been sent to all dealerships and they are expected to open booking today.

Availability of the new Corolla variants will be updated which you can later check out from here.

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