HEC Approves Funding for NUST Science & Technology Park

Higher Education Commission (HEC) has finally given the green signal to the National Science and Technology Park (NSTP) which is to be established at the National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad.

Rs. 3 billion have been set aside for this project, out of which Rs. 40 million will be issued this year for the initial work on the technology park.

The project’s progress has been delayed for unknown reasons. The MoU for the establishment of NSTP was signed between Tus Holdings and NUST way back in June 2015.

Parties Involved

The park will be established with the collective efforts of NUST, venture capitalists, private equity partnerships and international development organizations including World Technological Association (WTA), International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) and INSTP, as well as support from provincial and federal governments.

NUST will also seek technical support from various Science and Technology Forums, universities, research organizations, multinational companies and individuals with experience in related to Software and Technology Parks.

Notable Features of the NSTP

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre
  • R&D Centre
  • Science Centre
  • Technology Incubation Centre
  • Manufacturing Resource Centre
  • IT and Telecom Data Center
  • Learning Academy for Technical and Vocational expertise and Entrepreneurship and Leadership Training
  • Research Commercialization Center
  • University-Industry Liaison Nucleus
  • Knowledge Brokering Facility

In addition, the park will have recreational and event management facilities.

The Benefits

NSTP will serve as the hub for innovation, not just for students, but for professionals and underprivileged individuals as well. The centre will be used to mentor and groom the youth which enabling them to contribute to the local economy as well as to compete globally. The park will facilitate research and innovation in the city.

Numerous job opportunities will be created for talented individuals as well. The knowledge ecosystem, combined with cutting-edge technologies, will prove to be an asset, helping Pakistan move forward for innovation in science and technology.


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