Panama Case Decision: Nawaz Sharif Has Been Disqualified for Life

Supreme Court of Pakistan has announced its final verdict for Panama Case. Larger bench, comprising of five chief justices of the Supreme Court, has disqualified the PM for life.


The five member bench of the Supreme Court has unanimously disqualified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. This disqualification is for life instead of the usual 5 years.

The Court has ordered to create NAB references against Maryam Nawaz, Nawaz Sharif, Hussain Nawaz, Hassan Nawaz, Captain Safdar and Ishaq Dar. All members of the Nawaz Sharif’s family have been declared ineligible for government offices.

All five judges voted against the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and he has been ordered to vacate his office immediately.

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NAB has been given six weeks to file a reference and 6 months to reach a decision.

Larger bench is headed by Mr. Justice Asif Saeed Khosa and it comprises of Mr. Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan, Mr. Justice Gulzar Ahmed, Mr. Justice Sh. Azmat Saeed and Mr. Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan,

It may be recalled that Imran Khan of PTI, Sheikh Rasheed of Awami League and Siraj ul Haq of Jamat-e-Islami had petitioned in Supreme Court against Panama leaks. They had pleaded the Supreme Court to investigate the Panama papers, which exposed hidden assets of the wealthy across the world and exposed the Sharif Family.

Copy of Panama Case Decision

You can download the copy of final decision on Panama Case by clicking this link (PDF File)

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  • اگر اس مرتبہ بھی چور کو سزا نہ دی گئی تو آنے والے 50 سالوں تک کم سے کم انصاف کی کوئی بھی امید نہیں ہوگی۔۔۔۔ اور سزا قرار واقعی ہو تب ہی تبدیلی کی امید کی جا سکتی۔ سزا اطلاق بھی ہر فرد پر ہونا چاہیے چاہیے وہ عوامی طور پر ہو یا حکومتی۔

    • Panama sy Aqama…I am happy and more confident than before. He is disqualified for corruption ?

      Poor @Propakistani staff mentioned “For life” …which even senior lawyers are not sure about. It might be wish of PTI infected ProPakistani which usually comes out on such news.

      He is “choor” because Imran said so ? No shame Imran had when his lawyers had 180 degree opposite stand to what they said in petition against NS. That is why he is known for U-Turn (other than so many other names). He was looking towards GHQ and still he even some PCO judges are part of the game.

      What neutral legal experts have said this is mockery of justice by judges having their strings handled from RWP.

      Body language of Imran and Co. shows they know they have no point to be happy as 62/63 is going to haunt them very soon… for life..even if not in judgments.

      P.S. I understand confusion of some PTI friends not so happy about the judgement that why Imran is not credited by disqualifying NS on corruption charges but no harm in showing your inside feeling ;)

      • Haha I was waiting for your ‘conspiracy against our poor NS’ statement.

        It is strange that you talk about strings being pulled. I’m pretty sure if Army hasn’t pulled any string then your so called party would have been out on the streets demanding blood. This is off topic anyway.

        Apka Nawaz masoom hai uski sari kamai halaal hai. Ap khush rho bs.

  • what ever the court decision be
    The main thing is the stability of economy of the country like petrol price , dollar exchange rate etc.
    if instability occurs then whats the use of the court decision. Everyone in politics is hungry for POWER. Change of faces will not bring change in this country.

    • “Everyone in politics is hungry for POWER.”

      That’s by design. You’ve to be hungry for power if you want to make a change.

  • Bohot maza Ariya hai Dil. ❤ Garden Garden ho riya hai Lab e seerin sa lag riya hai. ???

  • awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Bola tha khan ne….bola tha…court ma ghaseeton ga inko….n everything he said about them…is now proved true…ALL CREDIT GOES TO IMRAN KHAN’s 17 years of efforts, suba se sham tak bichara bolta raha, corruption corruption corruption, and today he was proved CORRECT

        • *Pants. English na lkhni ati ho to tb bi smj ajati h k prha lkha ni h tbi agay peeche bongian mar rha h comments pr.

        • I am not saying that everyone who wears coat pant is literate, i am talking about sick minded people who are just thinking about conflict between two parties. Its a war against corruption, and even if Imran Khan has done that, then i would like to see him behind bars.

          • Zeeshan no need to reply him. Just look at his other comments.

            The backstory is that he was/is the diehard supporter of NS and since today when he has been disqualified, our so called diehard supporter is disoriented so he’s making absurd statements and dishing out his anger.

        • Sahi kaha parha likha banda logic se baat karta hai na ke patwario ki tarha.

  • May Allah bless on Pakistan. It should not be limited to Mr. Nawaz. It should be extended all the corrupt politician, bureaucrat should be covered.

  • itniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii b baisti ho sakti h kisi prime minister ki, unbelievable. icne apni izzat khud kharab ki h, jab go nawaz go ka nara bachay bachay ne mara tha, he should have gone home, without arguing. anyways, now its proved.

  • the biggest happiness for every Pakistani should be the fact that at least one institution of Pakistan is still in POWER. and JUSTICE is still available, it just takes few months :D

    • Wait it will be imposed on your poti leage leader u turn khan as well… Just wait baby.

      • Ok, so what if PTI leader is also declared not sadiq & ameen? What will happen? Will that bring Nawaz Sharif back into power? HE IS DISQUALIFIED FOR LIFE LOL! HIS SONS AND DAUGHTER TOO

        YOU HAVE LOST.

  • its not about the PM, now EVERYONE will be afraid, AFRAID of the LAW OF PAKISTAN, AFRAID of the COURTS OF PAKISTAN. corruption WILL come to an end, even at the ground level. IMRAN KHAN has done it, Pakistan owes you khan.

    • Why you still humiliate your poor servants? Ask chaudharies do this brutality.

      • Do you have any history of trauma? Because the comments you write without having any prior knowledge are basically senseless at best.

        Again I suggest you to go praise the PML-N blindly as you were doing one day ago. Don’t be a ‘lotta’.

    • Just because PM is disqualified does not mean government is gone. Did you forget Gillani and Raja Rental?

  • Aaj corruption k taboot main aakhiri keel thook di gai. RIP Sharif Dynasty, RIP corruption.

    • Sharif Dynasty? Did you forget his brother CM of Punjab & his family? They are not disqualified.

        • Nah you can see him commenting absurd statements. Read them with a cool mind and you ll laugh xD

          He looks like a typical troller who has no idea what is going on around him :D

      • Hahahhaha, shaitan ko yad karnay se shitan ajata hai, so kahien aa na jaye isko bhi defend karnay jaisay aik oper aik dosra Malashi keh raha hai k kuch sabit nahi huwa.
        Abay jab kuch sabit nahi huwa tou yeh kia tunharay Abbu ji ki chathi manai jarahi hai?

      • You guys were too kid immediately jumping on your beds. What neutral legal experts have said this is mockery of justice.. I am happy that judges even after full control of establishment on the case couldn’t disqualify him on corruption charges. And don’t worry he has a history of coming back with full glory.

        You guys should pray for ATM machine Tareen and Tayren’s dad ;)

        • Didn’t disqualify him on corruption charges? Are you high sir? Pesa wo ghr s laya hai sara phir? Your so called leader failed to properly show his money trail. Where did all that money came from? Hard earned money? It is ridiculous that you even say this. It is actually disheartening to see that a man of your intellect is still giving them a benefit of the doubt even when the SC has after reviewing evidence disqualified them and I’m pretty sure they know more than you and me but no, we still has people like you, people who if given a chance will again elect him.

          Anyways I can see it now. There is no one who can argue and reason with you. Allah apko bi hadayat day. Jb tk mulk m log ese defend krne walay mojood hain tb tk kch ni hoskta.

          Mtlb koi had hi krdi apnay. Apki PM ki beti jhuti nikli, documents m itni discrepancies? Phr bi mjaaaal hai k ap nay bola ho k ‘ni yar, kch to garbar hai’.

          There is no doubt that Shareef family tried to perjure and forge their out of this case but sadly, they weren’t able to fool the judges.

          Do me and yourself a favour, don’t go around citing cases and other out-of-context things. I was actually pretty sure that this would be your response. You are a full blown supporter of PML-N and no there is no shame in that. Pr insan ko thori sharam ani chahia agr wo burai ko bura na smje.

      • Hardwork pays off! I always give your example to my students how a man goes from zero visitor in 2008 to a few visitors to millions in 2017! May Allah bless you with more success in the future!

        • Mate. Stop humiliating your illegal father. The decision has been made in light of the FACTS, which are proven in the court. Calling PTI poti league won’t make them that and remember people support them, and people will keep supporting them. It’s a democracy, if you want you can stand yourself in the election and vote for just yourself, and you have every right to have just one vote. No one can insult you for 1 vote or your policies, and try to show that you belong to at least a decent mother, if not a decent father. Apni ammi aur family ki izzat ki khatir bad words use karna band kar dain. We all know IK and PTI is supported by at least 10 million people, and they have every right to, and you don’t have any right to insult anyone, neither does anyone else have any right to insult you. Stop showing that you’re an illegal child. When you abuse, it just makes others wish that you dad shouldn’t have discharged at the time your mother became pregnant.

          • Arsalan Shah sab, baray adb say mai aap ki khidmat mai arz karna chahta hoon k agar aap ko kisi k galat alfaz jo aap ki political party k baray mai likhay gai hoon un say itna dard hota hay to kabhi thanday dil o dimagh say apnay workers and suporters ki comments ko ghor say parha karain aur aap khud faisla karain k kon kaisay alfaz istamal karta hay. Isi post ki comments parh lain. Rao Rizwan, FuriousNinja and yourself. Very bad.

            • Ahmed Habib sahib apko nzar ni hr ksi ki insult krte huay phle?
              And do remind my dear sir, which bad word I have used? Lol.

  • Jab Sy Nawaz Sharif nay Juma ki haftawar chhutti khatam ki tab say woh apni hakumat ki mudat puri nhi kar saka. Shayad ab aqal ajai

  • All thanks to Imran Khan, other puppets like ppp & jamiyat trying to steal the credit should be ashmed of them selves, public is not fool.

    • It’s mentioned in poti leage’s verdict. There is also a poti court outside a SC.

      • Shrm s tm to phle doob maro. Jsko tum support krte the aj uska yay haal hua h. Imran Khan next? Tm bi idhr ho me bi idhr hun dhik laingain.

        Ap esa kro jao or PML N zindabad k naray lagao.

  • Couldn’t find Ali Salman here in the comments with his weird logics? I bet he ll still follow his corrupt leaders.

    Akar kahygain k conspiracy thi NS k against xD

    • 5 Minutes silence for those jinko lagta hai kisi ko bhi lagta hai IK next PM ho sakta bhi hai xxD!

    • Really don’t care about that. Atleast there will be no shair shair aya anymore … xD

  • I think one Patwari is missing today to troll comment section, and you know its name Ali salman

  • How dare you to said Disqualified for Life ???? in the Title . Kaha likhaa hoa For Life. you may also check the Copy of Decision u uploaded in PDF form.

  • It is funny when Maryam uses ‘inshAllah’ and ‘alhamdulilah’ …

    Allah apko bi hadayat day.

  • Chalo kuch toh ache kabar mille haha. Liberal fascist judgemental brigade in 1…2…..3….! hahaha

  • Sirf na ahal se kam nai chalega saza be honi chiye. Hand cut karo is NS ke. aur imran khan zani pervert ne adultery kare us ko stoning karo, a good msg and advice by a Liberal.

  • Somehow, I believe PML (?) will return with more strength and real power of 62/63 will come into play for judges, generals. bureaucracy and media. Let’s wait and see. I did not vote for them but PTI. It would be PML(?) this time. It may seem absurd now but let’s see. Wait a little.

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