Pakistan is The 4th Most Corrupt Country in Asia Pacific Region: Survey

Pakistan has been ranked as the 4th most corrupt country in the Asia Pacific region according to a survey conducted by Transparency International.

The survey included responses from 22,000 people across 16 countries and territories.

The survey report read:

Based on the bribery rates for each country/territory and its adult population size, this is equivalent to over 900 million people across the 16 places surveyed.

The results showed that the most corrupt nation was India with a whopping 69% bribery rate. For comparison’s sake, here are the top 5 countries where bribery reigned supreme this year:

  1. India — 69% bribery rate
  2. Vietnam — 65% bribery rate
  3. Thailand — 41% bribery rate
  4. Pakistan — 40% bribery rate
  5. Myanmar — 40% bribery rate

Has Corruption Increased Lately?

Against the backdrop of the recently concluded Panama case saga, some 35% of Pakistanis agreed that corruption has increased in the country recently.

Corrupt Police

The data gathered by the TI survey also had something to say about corruption in law enforcement agencies.

The results of the survey show that people in Pakistan believe that their police is highly corrupt, with over three quarters saying most or all police officers in their country were corrupt (76%).

‘We Are Less Empowered’

Furthermore, according to the survey, people in Pakistan felt the least empowered with only a third agreeing that people can make a difference (33%). This was substantially lower than in any other country.

This is how Pakistan ranked in the polls in comparison to the bribes paid in various sectors:

Poor People Pay More Bribes

When looking at the overall regional results, it was found that about 38% of the people, those who belong to the poorest segments of the society have paid a bribe. This may be because the poor feel that they have fewer alternative options available to them, or because they have less power or influence to avoid paying bribes.

In Pakistan, 64% of the poor people paid a bribe compared to 26% of the rich people.

While concluding the report, José Ugaz, chair of Transparency International said:

Governments must do more to deliver on their anti-corruption commitments. It’s time to stop talking and act. Millions of people are forced to pay bribes for public services and it is the poor who are most vulnerable.

To read the full report, click here.

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  • Still , Jahil awam support Bhuttos and Sharifs kiu keh do chaar underpass bana kar de diye in jahiloon ko

    • Azad Kashmir is shown as part of Pakistan but Indian occupied Kashmir is not. It’s fair because currently that part of Kashmir is in India’s control.

    • Can you see most people have paid bribes in courts. It’s ironic that cases against politicians are heard everyday and common people cases never come to an end.
      Respectable CJ should consider Reforms in courts rather than becoming part of establishment to weaken the democracy.
      NS has gone, IK is on the way to disqualification….. Its most happiest time for establishment getting rid of all politicians that can endanger their authority.

  • Please correct the Heading.. It is not world.. Asia Pacific… I think deliberately put wrong to get more clicks.

  • Irony. i asked a few question from a lower class person
    Q, who r u going to support in nex elections.
    Ans. Nawaz Sharif
    Q. Why?
    A. He makes beautiful roads and over passes.
    Q. How many times have u used these overpases?
    A, Assi gareban ne over passes kis tarha istamal karne ne?
    And he just came back from gov hospital after failing to get medicines for his chest imfection.

    • Is par sirf afoos hi kiya ja sakta hai hamare gharib ko ye hi nahi pata ke uska masla kiya hai

    • Exactly! don’t know what kind of mentality do these people have. Even thought they see and hear all the “kart-toot” of there so-called esteemed leaders, still they will deny it and will support them.

      I argued with a barber while he was trimming my hair. Eventually he ended the discussion saying “Nawaz, tum jeeto ya haaro, hamen tumse pyar hy” huh!

  • You are presenting data upside down! Its second least corrupt country in region!! Also 65% people DONT think corruption has increased!

    You are intentionally misguiding prople now aamer. Back to flare days i guess!

  • Its funny when I hear people say why does Imran Khan talks about corruption so much? This is why!

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