Pakistan is a Big Market for Electronic Products: MD Panasonic

‘Pakistan is becoming a lucrative market for the multinational companies with a growing population of consumers and rising living standards of the people,’ remarked Mr. Hiroki Soejima, Panasonic’s Managing Director for the Middle East and Africa region.

Speaking at a press briefing at a local hotel, Mr. Hiroki said that he is optimistic and excited over the economic development in Pakistan and hoped that business will continue to flourish in line with the country’s economic progress. He made this observation while responding to a question on the development of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project.

Panasonic recognizes Pakistan’s increased potential as a market for growth, as it continues to see increasing urbanization, and more people with surging purchasing power.

‘Panasonic not only produces electronics, consumer goods and home appliances but it also manufacturers enterprise solutions for meeting the needs of business operations, hence we are looking for growth in this direction,’ he said.

Mr. Hiroki said that the share of Panasonic is set to increase from single digit to double digits in the future in all of its segments.

Panasonic, with its local partners, which understand the lifestyle of Pakistan consumers, will continue to offer right products that would add value to the customers’ life through convenience and with reliable Japanese quality.

Expressing Panasonic’s positive outlook for the market, Mr. Junichiro Kitagawa, Vice President, Appliances Company & Director, Consumer Marketing Division – Panasonic Corporation, Japan said,

As a customer-centric company, Panasonic plans to boost Pakistan’s consumer confidence, by not just selling products, but as a premium lifestyle Japanese brand through innovation across products and solutions offered by us.

He said that the recent convention represented an ideal platform to emphasize product innovation for Panasonic’s product management team.

The presentations at the event focused on the existing and new line-up of products by Panasonic for the Pakistani market. Aside from unveiling their latest OLED TV, Jetstream air conditioners, and ‘IT Twist Stick’ Vacuum cleaner in Pakistan, Panasonic is committed to helping its partners in Pakistan meet their FY16 targets.

On the same day, a dealer convention was also arranged by Panasonic where local dealers were able to witness new solutions and products that are all set to be introduced to the market in the coming months.

  • They need to add another local distributor, current “sole distributor” work like goons

  • Highly encouraging to focus on Pakistan in the MENA region after most of the market is taken by Chinese, Taiwan, korea, Turkey with commensurate bilateral trade treaties are doing well in their own segments. Panasonic symbol of quality/innovations but not serious about Pakistan. Mr. junichiro kitagawa VP appliances and mr. hiroki Soejima managing director Panasonic MENA Region. Im really intrigued by IT Twist Stick Vaccum Cleaners which may help us overcome dust, and clean air un-common in this part of the world. Could you please indicate where its available, and if there’s a promotional offer for this first product which i’m keen. Also suggest to please launch smart home product based on solar, solution low cost housing with internal electricity, HVAC, security, safety for two room in rural areas. I had seen Toyota product in this area, but hope PAnasonic will bring an answer to the need of pakistan. Cheers

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