Nayatel Quietly Upgrades Home Packages for Everyone

Nayatel, the popular fiber-to-the-home internet service provider, has upgraded its packages.

All existing customers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi can avail this upgrade. As a bonus, there are no extra charges for this as well.

Here’s the breakdown of the new speeds you will be getting:

Additional volume usage (if you cross the 55 GB day time limit) will be charged according to your existing plan.


Nayatel Internet Packages

The new Nayatel upgrade went live on July 22nd.

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  • dear author i am not able to access yahoo main home page from ptcl, i checked with multiple internet connection offered by ptcl

  • it wasnt done quietly at all every customer was aware of it and the packages are published on the website too. The title of article is fictitious at best

  • 7 Mbps with 55 GB home connection? You’ve got to be kidding me. As more companies enter the twin cities, I’m sure they will make more changes.

      • abay din mein be unlimited hona chiye beta. PTCL, SF, TWA, FL, sarey din mein unlimited dere hain. Nayatel ko koi aur kaam shuru kardaina chiye Umar Akmal ke tara.

        • Blahblahblah.

          There is a reason they are growing fast and customers love them.

          Corporate packages are unlimited 24/7, home packages are limited during the day but unlimited on weekeneds or any other holidays.

          • Customers love them because customers have no other choice. The day Stormfibre or Fiberlink start their services in Islamabad, Nayatel will be done and dusted with their current packages.

            • That’s partially true. But as a customer I don’t have issues with 55 GB during the day. Its the overall speed, at this price we should get around 15 Mbps (7Mbps is poor when I compare with the likes of Storm/Optix in Lahore) but then again there is no other choice in ISB.

              As for the bandwidth, if it allows Nayatel to offer consistent speeds I don’t mind. In office during the day anyway and have hardly ever run out of allocated amount (it adds up next month). I prefer limited bandwidth with stable connection, rather than unlimited bandwidth and having to call line man every day – was a PTCL customer before.


      • Are you using nayatel? I’m using zong mbb. I wanna move to nayatel but don’t know about their service.

    • You talking about PTCL yeah?

      They offered great deals but they are Assh*** they can’t support a single fucking 8MBPS connection how can you expect 50 MBPS for same amount of money.

      • I have a 30mbps VDSL connection from PTCL. Works flawlessly. A lot of my friends have VDSL or GPON connections and they get the advertised speeds.

        • Banglow mein sahe kam karta hai PTCL, he is probably live in a flat or maybe in a area where vdsl or GPON is not available, but FTTH is the future. PTCL should introduce Fiber optic to the home in more areas. If SF or FL comes to my area I will gladly change company in the heartbeat.

          • If you’re in an area that has VDSL then you’re in luck. Most areas do have it from what I know. I had problems initially, but my 30mbps connection has been rock-solid for a while now.

  • uff! itni Sapeed wali anternait ke liye to hum Larkanay main soch bhi nahi sakte… :( yahan to 8Mbps PTCL bhi 1 mb pe chalta hai par phir bhi Lagwa ke rakhi hoyee hai…….. :(

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