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Last Updated: 1:38PM March 29, 2019.

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Nayatel Internet Packages

Nayatel uses double fiber (FTTH) cables to provide its services in Pakistan. Nayatel’s network has transformed four big cities that include Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Faisalabad into the most connected optically wired cities of the world. Nayatel is excelling in the twin cities because of its Fiber-To-The-Home services and has substantially taken control of the market share in this region. Nayatel’s coverage area is broadening everyday and they are offering more services under one brand. State of the art customer services that provide 24/7 support and are willing to go an extra mile to know and fulfill the customer needs is one of the trademarks of the company.

Nayatel has many different monthly internet packages that have been specially designed to fulfill the requirements of every person. From economy and budget packages to 100 Mbps unlimited internet packages they have got it all.

Package Name
Data (GBs)
Nayatel Unlimited Bundle with 10mbps speed Unlimited 30 Days
Nayatel Unlimited Bundle with 30mbps speed Unlimited 30 Days
Nayatel Home Unlimited 10 MBPS Unlimited 30 Days
Nayatel Home Unlimited 15 MBPS Unlimited 30 Days
Nayatel Home Unlimited 18 MBPS Unlimited 30 Days
Nayatel Home Unlimited 20 MBPS Unlimited 30 Days
Nayatel Home Unlimited 30 MBPS Unlimited 30 Days
Nayatel Home Unlimited 35 MBPS Unlimited 30 Days
Nayatel Home Unlimited 50 Unlimited 30 Days
Nayatel Home Unlimited 70 MBPS Unlimited 30 Days
Nayatel Home Unlimited 100 MBPS Unlimited 30 Days
Nayatel Corporate 30 MBPS 1024
Nayatel Corporate 35 MBPS 1430 GB 1430 30 Days
Nayatel Corporate 35 MBPS 2048 GB 2048 30 Days
Nayatel Corporate 40 MBPS 2560 GB 2560 30 Days
Nayatel Corporate 40 MBPS 3072 GB 3072 30 Days
Nayatel Corporate 45 MBPS 3580 GB 3580 30 Days

Frequently Asked Questions

You can subscribe to Nayatel internet by directly calling their customer support on ISB +92 (51) 111 11 44 44 , FSD +92 (41) 111 11 44 44, through sms on +92 302 8555941, +92 302 8555942 or through WhatsApp on +92 302 8555941

Nayatel currently provide its services in four big cities that include Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Faisalabad

The user will have to pay upfront charges of Rs.11,000 for the installation of ONT box which will provide basic internet connection and Wi-Fi facility along with Smart TV, Phone connection. The total price of ONT box can also be paid in installments.

Yes, ONT is required to establish optical network even if the some one wants to use only one service.

No, DSL routers only work on copper and Nayatel does not use copper wires.

Rs.30/GB will be charged after using the provided amount of 45/55 GB

Charges for relocation vary from area to area. For more information call 111 11 44 44

Other Nayatel services include Extra GB's, Bandwidth on demand, Unlimited internet offers, Parental Locking, Stable Ping for best gaming experience, Live TV, Anti Malware Protection, Smart Nwatch (security cameras), Volume Gift and eView to connect to your account from anywhere.

Nayatel does not have any package that provides unlimited internet volume. They have two unlimited internet offers that provide unlimited internet volume at 10 Mbps for Rs.200/month and 30 Mbps for Rs.399/month on some specified websites that include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google Hangout, Google Play and Google Drive. The extra amount that will be paid will be in addition to your current internet package which has been subscribed.