Govt Slashes Prices for Petrol and Diesel

The government on Saturday slashed petroleum product prices to be effective from August 6 to August 31, 2017.

Finance Minister, Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar here on Saturday announced that with the approval of the Prime Minister the price of Petrol will be decreased by Rs.1.80/ litre and Price of Diesel will be decreased by Rs. 2.50/ litre.

The new prices will be Rs. 69.50/litre for petrol and Rs. 77.40/ liter for diesel (HSD).

The Finance Minister said that rates of Kerosene Oil and LDO will not be increased even though substantial increase has been recommended in their prices.

He said considering the low income consumers using these products it has been decided to maintain their prices at the current level (i.e. Rs. 44 per liter).

The Minister added that the decision to revise the prices for the month of August could not be taken on 31.07.2017 as there was no Federal Cabinet on that date.

The prices during the first five days of August therefore continued at the level prevalent in July 2017.

The new prices will be effective from 06.08.2017 to 31.08.2017

  • When some GCC countries are selling high octane at around Rs.60/liter these prices in Pakistan are reasonably low.

    • Average income of people in GCC = Rs. 200,000/month.
      Average income of people in PAK = Rs. 15,000/month.

      Mr. Ali Salman, why don’t you open a charity and start supporting the poor people by giving them at least Rs. 50,000 per month instead of constantly defending and praising the gov.

      • Mr. Arsalan,
        Why don’t you join school again ?

        Are you trying to say that govt. should spend Rs.20 /liters out of its own pocket? I’m saying this for ANY govt. in Pakistan, not just present govt. Who benefits from low gas prices?..everyone…who is willingly paying taxes in Pakistan? Nobody.

        Fairly speaking how much govt. should charges extra on top of Rs. 60 (which realistically isn’t extra as transportation costs does matter) ?

  • Ab Jo 5 Din Tak Awam Se Maal Lota Gaya Jin Se Government Ne CarorYa Arab Kamaye
    Unki Return Rebate Kun Dega ???
    Wo Kis Hisaab Main Gaya Government Treasurery Main
    At Lest 5 Din K Hisaab Se Average Price Low Karna Chahyeh Tha

    • Is ka hisab aap supreme court ky judges sy mang layn, 5 days Pakistan mai government nhe thi and in their decision they gave no direction for that.

      • Jit Bana K Report Paish Kiya Jaye

        Abdul WAHAB
        (Future Chief Justice Of Pakistan, Judge Of Supreme Court of Pakistan, Member of General Assembly International Chamber Of Commerce)

    • Phir bhe khush nahe hona…phir kaha jana ha…ghar dy jao free mai.

      Is qaum ny kabhi khush nahe hona…Nawaz ho, Imran ho ya koi aur…inko army ka danda he sahi rakh sakta ha jo bonay nahe dyta.

      Zehni ghulamon ko dandy ki zaban he samajh aati ha..not democracy.

      • Aap khushi khushi apnee paise gov ko deday. Price jaab kam hoyee hay to wo awam ko pura faida milna chahyee, na ke adah

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