Social Media Outraged Over Use Of Tax Money for Nawaz Sharif Rally

Citizens of Pakistan are raging on social media after pictures of fire trucks putting banners in support of ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s went viral.

Several people saw government owned fire trucks mounting the banners on the GT road and posted the pictures on social media. Since then, the pictures have gone viral and it has caused a huge uproar.

Tax filers are arguing why their hard earned money is being misused by the government, considering that the person isn’t even an office holder anymore. The situation is looking gruesome with every passing minute.

Nawaz Sharif is supposed to conduct a rally at GT road tomorrow, which is why banners are being mounted on poles.

After the pictures were uploaded on social media, several journalists retweeted the images and joined the movement against PML-N for betraying the trust of the people and wasting public resources on private matters.

 Here is how the angry mob is responding to the situation:

Zarar is the Editor of Sports and Auto section at ProPakistani.

  • Meri Awam,
    Ye Mat Bholo Fire Truck Government K Under Main Hota hai (Paisa Government Degi Aur Government Abhi Bhi PMLN Ki Hai) Agar Private Lenge to Paise Pocket Se Dene Hogi Jo K Mere Pas Nahi :

    Ex (Corrupt & Disqualified) Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Cum China

    • Ali Salman

      A few questions from PTI supporters:

      1- Security arrangement and tax payers’ money spent on dharnas in 2014, 2016 was justified if it is not justified for NS ? Please give more logical answers than ” Hence proved he is corrupt… ” “how can you support a corrupt person” “are you still on his side” …”I feel sorry for you..” …”patwari” ….as to me this shows that one is running out of arguments or some street boys’ talk with low intellect and having no basis for an argument.

      2- The very “neutral” judges when “transparently” disqualified a PM what was the basis of it? Corruption ? Proved ? Kickbacks in projects in Pakistan proved ? Commissions in projects by GoP proved ? Please do not quote a morally corrupt person (proved in courts) whose politics moves around ridiculing PMLN as a gang of corrupt (without giving a single proof of corruption in Pakistan, yes even a single proof, such a shame).

      3- Will judgement given by these judges be mentioned in history as a good judgement when during the hearing these judges gave remarks like ” PM should know there is enough space in Adyala Jail”…Godfather, Mafia etc. ? So much excitement of judges, their so much interest in the case (hearing on daily basis for 6 hours…what a joke) was even felt by international media and neutral lawyers, here whatsapp calls (even before formation of implementation bench), misuse of article 187, monitoring judge etc. got no answer from the bench and was embarrassment to the these judges but probably they never felt it now and even before at the time of oath taking under PCO.

      P.S. Some ill mannered here on ProPakistani need not to respond to this post, very humbly and respectfully their place is in Punjabi stage dramas.

      • Muhammed Ovais Alam

        1. If they (PTI) used that for their dharna then you’d do that too? That’s your SANE logic?
        and why you never reply when ‘logic’ was used?
        2. Wait for the chapter 10 of JIT report phir apne moun pe khud laanat dena agar ghairatmand ho tou.
        3. Never knew you guys will steep so low to defend your Aaqa (aka roohani abbu).

        • Ali Salman

          First go and learn some basic manners from your parents before you comment. I do not argue with street boys.

          • Muhammed Ovais Alam

            Basic manners? Wahi jo tum log use krte ho jab bhi ‘logic’ use hoti hai tumharay roohani abbu k liay.

          • testingbeta

            say the one who supports corrupt party :D

            even patwari say that 4 khata hay to 2 lagata bhi hay, parho kalma or bol do k aisa na hay ?

      • testingbeta

        a question from you, how can you make fake documents using calibri font,

        Answer meri london may to kia Pakistan may koi property nai.

        How dumb or ignorant you have to be ? question is simple, pesa kaha say aya, bahir kesay gaya or tax kaha hay.

        youtube the compiled video of their lying

  • Someone

    Is chor ko jail main daal detey tou behter tha, yehi hota hai jab chor dakaiton ko khula chor diya jata hai.

    • Such Much

      Actually, this is a complete failure of our supreme court . . .perjury is a criminal offence in any country, including Pakistan, how was he allowed to walk away and become a hero to the “jahil awaam”??

      • Masroor Hussain

        He who seeks to deceive will always find someone who will allow himself to be deceived.
        ~Niccolo Machiavelli

  • AbdulB1

    haqeeqi wazerazam to choor hi hai na…

  • test

    where are my comments

  • Rehman Saleem Awan

    You all people think he is out
    but he has all the power till PML N is in Power
    Get PML N out

  • Rehman Saleem Awan

    The Corruption is a Virus it will not go with a single person

    • Masroor Hussain

      this is what our people fail to understand

      • Afzal Mahmoud Mirza

        Good, everybody want to correct others and do not want want to correct himself

        • Masroor Hussain

          your blatant denouncement that I only suggest others to improve, and do nothing about myself is unjustified and lacking realization.

  • Afzal Mahmoud Mirza

    you people look at every leader with same eye when imran khan travel his son on KPK Govt Helicopter with his sons you are blind when someone other do you blink think about it

    • Shahid Saleem

      Yes, because IK did something for his family once that is equal to what the Sharifs have done to Punjab and Pakistan treated as their own money for 30 years. Yes, totally equal things to compare.

      Next you’ll say why should we care if you kill someone by driving rashly on the roads because other Pakistanis do it too. Same logic.

    • Masroor Hussain

      that is some pathetic perception of circumstances, he is a disqualified politician and his goons are using people’s money to advertise and paint him innocent. It should be a criminal offence and all the involved people should be punished for conducting celebrations in favor of a thief.

      • MIS

        This is really bad. everyone Should be concerned.

        CareCave .com

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      If he did that then it’s wrong but you’re comparing apple with rock here.
      IK is NOT a corrupted and Na-Ahl leader and he didn’t block all road/closed all shops to show his power on road (via ghulams).

      • Afzal Mahmoud Mirza

        I am not comparing my dear think positively be a Pakistani not a party member. Say loudly what you think in favor of PAKISTAN not the party.

        • Muhammed Ovais Alam

          I never supported/support PTI blindly or follow PMLN blindly lekn jis main jo masla hai us pe bolta zaroor houn.
          Ankhain band nhi ki hoen.

  • Shahid Saleem

    You don’t know the half of it. I went to my local Union Council (of course PML-N posters everywhere) to get a certificate. I was told that they were all going to be busy for the rally tomorrow in Lahore. The office was half empty today already (yesterday there was normal activity).

    So it means if I don’t get to the office at EXACTLY the right time tomorrow, I will have to wait one or two days extra.

  • Saqlain

    I am a muslim league N supporter but i am feeling ashamed, how is our quaid looting tax payer money. Shame on you PML-N

    • Ahmed Habib

      Shame on you, bikao maal.. pechy poti leage ka hi member hoga… Liar ..

      • Ali Salman


    • Masroor Hussain

      what exactly do you still support despite their only but totally incompetent leader has been disqualified for life, and most of the league members are heavily involved in corruption and even worse in criminal actions. Our nation deserves such people because they are their reflection after all.

      • Ahmed Habib

        He is your reflection as well… Agree? Because you are too biased and nonsense. Don’t mind like poti members do.

        • Masroor Hussain

          I choose to be biased because I’m neither immoral nor amoral, however you may think whatever you want of me. They would be my reflection if I support them or empower them.

      • Ali Salman

        I would like to know that one single evidence of corruption by NS. Please do not copy paste lines of Imran Niazi.

        • Shahid Saleem

          Why don’t you wait for NAB report? Only a few months of aptience required on your part.

        • Masroor Hussain

          looks like your only concept of corruption seems to be hung up on it being financial, but no there’s more to it. What is a more corrupt act than to appoint people who are involved in terror and criminal activities as the state ministers(see Rana Sanaullah), people who are only courtiers and their sole responsibility is cleaning up and covering the dirty work of their masters(see anyone in N league but particularly Danyal Aziz, Abid Sher Ali etc), and what is more corrosive for a nation than a head who is merely interested in his business and does not dare even to speak against the busted and proven guilty enemies of the country just because he might damage his business in foreign lands. In case you only deem to see financial corruption as being corruption, wait for the ones working on it, but it is pitiable if you think the only corruption is financial one. Stop thinking that its a word taken from Imran khan, these views are based on past and present’s happenings.

    • Ali Salman

      Oh then I am a PTI supporter :) and I am ashamed that my Imran and his supporters have gone so low harassing a lady, seriously ?

      • Shahid Saleem

        Imran has not said one word of harrassment.

  • Ahmed Habib

    And amir aata sb says, sab ko dy rahy ho mjhy bhi do na advertising… Bikao propakistani blog. Bikao aamir atta aur iski team… Now it’s clear.

    • Anonymous

      Do you have any proof to the above claims you just made on propak team?

    • Kashif Surhio

      tum halaal ki olad ho or halaal hi khaya hy aaj tak? mujhy to doubt hy yaraaa

  • Carl

    har uroooj ka zawaal hota hey!!!!

  • Rao Rizwan

    Nawaz shareef and his supporters are corrupt Mafia members