Social Media Outraged Over Use Of Tax Money for Nawaz Sharif Rally

Citizens of Pakistan are raging on social media after pictures of fire trucks putting banners in support of ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s went viral.

Several people saw government owned fire trucks mounting the banners on the GT road and posted the pictures on social media. Since then, the pictures have gone viral and it has caused a huge uproar.

Tax filers are arguing why their hard earned money is being misused by the government, considering that the person isn’t even an office holder anymore. The situation is looking gruesome with every passing minute.

Nawaz Sharif is supposed to conduct a rally at GT road tomorrow, which is why banners are being mounted on poles.

After the pictures were uploaded on social media, several journalists retweeted the images and joined the movement against PML-N for betraying the trust of the people and wasting public resources on private matters.

 Here is how the angry mob is responding to the situation:

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