Faislabad Struggles as Crime Rises to Unbearable Levels

Faisalabad is facing a mounting wave of crimes and common people have been deprived of their hard-earned money and vehicles during the last 48 hours.

Robbery and theft have become commonplace phenomena in the city and its suburbs.

Police at Fault

Police have failed to locate and apprehend the culprits. Law enforcing officials seem quite clueless about those behind such criminal activities.

Officials have confirmed that they are yet to arrest any criminal responsible for the recent crime wave.

When senior police officials were contacted, they denied that there was any rise in crime rate. They argued that crimes in Faisalabad have a low ratio when compared to other populated cities.

Another disturbing aspect of the issue is related to corrupt police officials who allegedly avoid registering cases which is why only half of the actual crimes get recorded in official files. Instead of increasing their efforts to control law and order situation, police department has preferred to hide ground realities. Such an increase in criminal activities during last several weeks has resulted in a higher ratio compared to the same period during 2016.

Sudden Surge in Crime

Figures of these crimes are quite disturbing. During the last 48 hours, 28 motorbikes and six cars were snatched while common people lost millions in street crimes at the hands of robbers and thieves. Police’s failure in apprehending perpetrators of these activities has given rise to a sense of fear and insecurity.

There were also unfortunate incidents where two people got injured when they resisted robbery attempts. Many families were deprived of cash and other valuables when robbers entered the house with guns in hand. Rise in street crimes made 31 people to lose their cash and other precious stuff.

Shops in Allied Hospital area, Garden Colony, Bagadai Park, Betala Colony, Canal Road, Saifabad, Liaquatabad, Jhang Road, Millat Colony and other areas were special targets where such incidents became rampant.

According to a known lawyer of the city, Chaudhary Abdul Majeed, these crimes have risen because the police doesn’t patrol some areas, especially the rural ones.

“Gone are the days when the police were recording each and every occurrence of crime in true perspective way and not concealing the facts discharging their duties in a transplant manner,” he said.

  • And meanwhile Punjab Govt is spending billion of rupees in the name of Safe City Project in Faisalabad

    • I m at Faisalabad city centre (Kotwali Road). City seems to be very calm. No corner talks of thefts etc…….

  • How is this report related to Technology or Startup information other than the fact that it got delivered electronically?

  • Everything inside our borders can be Controlled only if they want to.
    at the will of army they changed map of hyderabad, my hometown, A place where you cannot leave your vehicle unlocked just for 2 minutes and you have to think twice before buying expensive phones.
    But after Hyderabad Police Incharge Irfan baloch came he wiped out all the criminals from the corners of city. He had army support these criminals aren’t some hungry people who are looking for money and feed their kids only 10% criminals like that that exist otherwise they are workers of party and waderas you cannot stop them unless you stop waderas. take example of mqm

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