PIA’s New CEO is an MBBS Doctor

Despite a four year search, the Federal Government has been unable to find a qualified person to lead Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, has appointed an ex-bureaucrat Dr. Musharraf Rasool Cyan as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PIA.

As per Dr. Mushrraf Rasool’s professional profile, he has never served in the aviation sector in a leading position.

Sources have told ProPakistani that PM Abbasi sent the order to appoint of Dr. Mushrraf Rasool Cyan as PIA CEO. This file was originally sent to former PM Nawaz Sharif by the Aviation division.

It is being said that the PIA management has established contacts with the newly appointed CEO. Sources say that it is expected that after the orders, Dr. Mushrraf Rasool Cyan will take charge on Friday 11 August.

Dr. Mushrraf Rasool Cyan is an MBBS doctor and specializes in the field of health. He was a part of civil services of Pakistan and served 15 years. After his resignation, he went to the United States where Dr. Mushrraf Rasool Cyan worked as a health and human development researcher and scientist. During his stay in USA he obtained citizenship as well.

Currently PIA is facing a tough time in all fields including operations, finance, planning, engineering, passenger services etc.  PIA’s financial condition is not very good and continues to worsen every day. The airline loses Rs. 5 billion almost every month. Its loans have surged to more than 300 billion. The lose making airline is over-staffed but has a limited fleet.

The PML-N government promised to appoint professionals to run state owned organizations. In the case of PIA, the government failed to bring in a professional and proper upper management. Aviation pundits and experts seem to be very disappointed with the appointment of Dr. Mushrraf Rasool Cyan.

A senior official in PIA has told ProPakistani,

“PM Abbasi’s decision is disappointing because the person in question does not even know the ABC of airlines.”

“In the aviation sector, working with an MBBS Doctor will be very difficult. Instead of a doctor, the government should appoint a person with a background in marketing, services sector, accountancy or engineering. Airlines do not need a doctor,“ the PIA officer told ProPakistani.