KP Youth Employment Program to Support 10,000 Youngsters This Year

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board (KPITB) today announced that the application process for its integrated digital skills initiative—the “KP Youth Employment Program: Digital Skills for All”—has begun. KPITB is gearing up to provide digital skills training and opportunities to 10,000 young people.

What is KP Youth Employment Program?

YEP is a program of the KPITB, with technical assistance provided by the World Bank. YEP is part of the Government of KP’s new “Digital KP” initiative—which is a four-pillar strategy aimed at expanding internet access, developing digital skills, improving digital governance, and promoting the digital economy in the province.

“KP YEP: Digital Skills for All” incorporates the lessons learned from the first phase of the program in which over 4,500 young people in the province were trained on online freelancing platforms in 2016. Recognizing that the need for digital skills is rapidly evolving, and that Pakistan’s digital transformation will require innumerable digital skills, YEP has expanded its scope to focus on supporting digital skills more broadly, and to create an adaptable and flexible solution to the evolving needs for digital skills.

How to Apply

Residents of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa can apply for the program by visiting

Application Date

Applications will be open until September 14th.

In person trainings are expected to commence in late September.

Who Can Apply?

Using a “blended learning” approach, at least 7000 KP residents (70% of those trained) are expected to receive certifications in a variety of digital skills by August 2018. Unemployed graduates and women are especially encouraged to apply.

Course & Module Details

Courses are offered in modules that will help the youth create customized learning pathways needed to access digital opportunities, both in Pakistan and internationally. There will be opportunities to attend in-person trainings, as well as the ability to access course content from home using an online learning management system platform.

Courses will range from basic and introductory levels to advanced levels and create the building blocks of a digital education. For example, engineers can get courses on Internet of Things device development; and existing freelancers’ can get courses on Business Communication that could help them develop more effective and persuasive online profiles.

Opportunity for Trainers & Teachers

As Pakistan’s first digital economy platform, YEP also offers the opportunity for qualified trainers, teachers and experts to offer customized courses through the YEP platform.

Courses can be advertised to a wide range of youth interested in learning digital skills, and the location, timing, final participant list and cost can be determined by trainers. Employers and platforms  in need of a pool of digitally skilled labor will also be partners. The initial set of core courses will be offered for free.

Dr. Shahbaz Khan, Managing Director of KPITB, said,

As a former university professor myself, I know first-hand the challenges that our fresh graduates face. And now as the Managing Director of the IT Board, I firmly believe the global digital economy has the potential to absorb many of these graduates and provide them decent paying work if they have the right skills. KP YEP is our effort to create the skilled workforce of the future and connect them to the jobs of the future.


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