Officials From Agricultural Department Get 327 Smartphones

In Multan, smartphones have been distributed to at least 327 officials from the agricultural department.

According to the press release issued by the concerned department, these are the latest Android Smartphones equipped with modern software applications.

How can Smartphones Help in Agriculture Sector

Smartphones can serve as a very useful tool in agriculture because their mobility matches the nature of farming.

They are mostly less expensive, and their computing power allows a variety of practical applications for farmers to use. Moreover, smartphones are nowadays equipped with various types of physical sensors which make them a perfect assistant for diverse farming-related tasks.

A press release issued by the agricultural department highlighted that the distribution of smartphones has put in place an anti-pest network in Punjab.

According to the press release, the smartphones will provide following benefits to the officials:

  • It will provide detailed best situation reports regarding different crops along with the guidelines.
  • The software applications will provide information regarding pest infestation on different crops and also how dangerous these pests could be.
  • These applications would also help to determine the losses caused by these pests and what measures should be taken to overcome them.
  • By using these applications, the officials would know what steps to take to overcome the losses. They will also know what is the most ideal time and duration for these steps as well.

The agricultural department would then be able to take initiatives in light of the information received through these smartphone applications. Once this is done, the agriculture department would then contact farmers again to find out the results of the remedial steps.

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