Xiaomi Brings New Products to Pakistan Including Electric Scooter

Xiaomi’s official presence in Pakistan means that we get products through a reliable source and at a good price too. The company entered Pakistan with the launch of its budget smartphones and some other products such as power banks and fitness gadgets (e.g. Mi Band 2).

Today, Xiaomi has increased its range of products in the Pakistani market with the launch of the Mi 6 and a few other eco (read smart gadgets) products at an affordable price.

Let’s take a look at some of the devices released today.

1. Mi Electric Scooter


Perhaps the most expensive of the bunch, is the two-wheeled scooter called the Mi Electric Scooter. It features an aircraft grade aluminium alloy body and a portable folding design.

It comes with an LG 1850 EV-lithium ion battery with a battery capacity of 280Wh capable of a top speed of 25kmph. There is an E-ABS anti-lock braking system present at the front wheel while the double disc braking system ensures that the scooter comes to a halt quickly in a smooth manner.

As mentioned before it also has a portable folding design using a single button. Anyone can do it in just under 5 seconds!

Price: Rs. 49,900/-

Link to buy: Mi Electric Scooter

2. Mi AmazFit Pace

Coming in at second place in terms of pricing is the new AmazFit Pace. It’s a smartwatch that comes with a 1.34-inch rounded capacitive touch screen and a resolution of 300 x 300 pixels.

As far as the hardware is concerned, the Amazfit offers everything you get in most smartwatches these days. There’s an unspecified 1.22GHz dual-core processor that is paired with 512MB of RAM. In addition to that, there’s 4GB of internal storage and a 200mAh battery.

There’s also Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, NFC. It’s also IP67, resistant to water and dust. The Amazfit doesn’t run on Android Wear but a custom version of Android OS.

Price: Rs. 17,000/-

Link to buy: Mi Amazfit Pace

3. Mi Car Air Purifier

Keeping the automotive users in mind, Xiaomi has also launched the Mi Car Air Purifier. It is very compact and can you can keep it behind your rear headrests.

Xiaomi says that it will provide better ventilation from the back of the car. The purifier makes use of high-quality H11 Torey filter. The filter is quick and easy to replace, so you can do it yourself in less than 10 seconds.

It’s can filter 60 cubic meters of air per hour. In other words, it can clean air in 3 minutes inside an average car, in 5 minutes in an SUV and in 7 minutes in a commercial van.

With increasing air pollution levels in Pakistan, this product could be a major hit like similar to its home market, China.

Price: Rs. 11,000/-

Link to buy: Mi Car Air Purifier

4. Mi LED Lamp

The smart Mi LED Lamp comes with four lighting modes; focus mode, read mode, child mode and computer mode. You can also set the temperature of the light from the your smartphone app.

Price: Rs. 6,000/-

Link to buy: Mi Led Lamp

Miscellaneous Products

Apart from the products mentioned above, Xiaomi has also released some audio devices. The buying links and prices are mentioned below:

  1. Mi Bluetooth Speaker – Rs. 5,000/-
  2. Mi Headphones Comfort – Rs. 4,500/-
  3. Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones – Rs. 3,300/-
  4. Mi Bluetooth Speaker Square Box – Rs. 2,300/-
  5. Mi Bluetooth Speaker Mini – Rs. 1,800/-
  6. Mi Bluetooth Earpiece – Rs. 1,750/-


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