These Dogs Are Earning More Than You Ever Could

Dogs Instagram accounts are now a thing and are taking the social media by storm. It is the time we get some dogs and put them to advertising!

We now live in a world where dogs can earn thousands of dollars for a single Instagram post. After getting to know this, we have to question ourselves “What have I done in my whole life?”

Marketing on Instagram is quite common and users are earning a good amount of money from monetization. Well, dog accounts with millions of followers are earning more than many of us combined!

Dog accounts like Manny the Frenchie, Chloe the Mini Frenchie, Toast Meets World are renowned for their advertisements and the huge amounts of money they take per post.

Manny, the French pitbull, has even appeared on the world-famous TV show Good Morning America. Manny and his owner have a sponsorship deal with a cleaner wax company Turtle Wax and Dremel.

With over a million followers on Instagram, Manny can earn upto $15,000 per post.

The ads are not limited to dog products but they also advertise human products.

Another mini French pitbull, Chloe has around 174,000 followers and has secured a beauty sponsorship deal. The owner has also launched an agency for Instagram dog talent.

Toast Meets World advertises fashion products particularly glasses.

Piggy and Polly is another Instagram dog account with 435k followers.

Samson The Dood is a superstar with 168k followers which definitely calls for advertisements!

Already feeling depressed? Its not strange since these dogs are earning more than most of us make in our whole lives.

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