Samsung’s Note 8 Has The Best Display Ever!

Each year Samsung launches a flagship, and it outperforms all of its rivals. Or at least it tries to.

This month again Samsung has outed its flagship, the Galaxy Note 8 and it comes with the best display ever available on any smartphone.

DisplayMate, a company which specializes in testing displays for color accuracy and calibration, has released a comprehensive report of the display found on the new Galaxy Note 8.

This year’s Galaxy S8 already had the crown for the best display but it seems like the Note 8 has stolen it and it has also been given its first ever A+ rating on a smartphone.


While the report itself is a long one, we’ll just summarize it and list the important findings from it.

According to DisplayMate, coming in at a record brightness of 1,240 nits, it’s the brightest display around. This makes the the Note 8 22% more brighter than the Galaxy S8. This improves display performance and screen readability in challenging indoor and outdoor high ambient light viewing conditions.

The report has also mentioned the smaller bezel size, stating that the display is 20% larger, considering screen area, than the Galaxy S8 and 14% compared to the previous Note line, while still maintaining the same overall size. This is obviously accomplished by reducing the borders around the display.

Other Achievements

Moreover the Note 8 matched or broke the records for the following for the following tests.

  • Largest Native Color Gamut (112% DCI-P3 and 141% sRGB / Rec.709).
  • Highest Peak Display Brightness (1,240 nits).
  • Highest Contrast Rating in Ambient Light (270).
  • Highest Screen Resolution (2960×1440).
  • Highest Contrast Ratio (Infinite).
  • Lowest Screen Reflectance (4.6 percent).
  • Smallest Brightness Variation with Viewing Angle (29 percent).

It’s also worth noting that DisplayMate says that the Note 8 has almost 3K resolution. The 2960 x 1440 Quad HD+ display resolution provides us with 521 ppi pixel density.

With everything else that the phone has the Galaxy Note 8 really is the best smartphone that you can currently buy in the market right now.

You can read the full report from Display Mate over here.

    • Wrong, or Jealous,,, If you are an apple fan boy then do some research on apple components (especially display), where they come from. Usually from Samsung & LG.

      You are correct somewhat you know. Since Samsung launched OLED displays (Note 4), They are on top so Display mate don’t have to figure a lot to allot Samsung the top spot.

      • Samsung launched AMOLED before Note 4, even the Note 1 had AMOLED. I was merely pointing out the fact that there isn’t much difference in S8 and Note 8 displays, yet DisplayMate is making it sound like Samsung reinvented the wheel here. Calm your inner Samsung fanboy please.

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