Here is Why Centaurus Mall Imposed a Rs 500 Entry Fee

Centaurus Mall is one of the most iconic shopping and entertainment centres in Islamabad. Located at a prime location, thousands of people visit the mall everyday. However, this Eid teh mall’s management did something that must have irritated and shocked many people.

Any person (man or boy) who wasn’t accompanied by his family was charged a hefty entry fee. The administration at the mall decided to increase the entry fee for men who were looking to have a good time or simply wanted to browse the shops for something useful this Eid.

The entry fee was not only non-refundable but also non-adjustable.

Previously, the entry coupon cost Rs. 300 (which was already pretty high and irritating) but was adjustable against anything one bought from any of the shops in the mall.

The Background

To control the increasing numbers of men who loiter around Centaurus Mall, their administration decided to introduce a Rs. 300 coupon for single men entering the mall. This move was widely criticized by many over social media and then the furor over it died down with time.

This Eid-ul-Azha however, the issue of the entry coupon resurfaced, as the Centaurus Mall administration hiked the amount to be paid by unaccompanied males to an outrageous  Rs. 500.

An appalling twist to this new increment was that it was not only compulsory to buy but it was also completely non-refundable and non-adjustable.

About the Entry Fee

According to the mall authorities, their previous strategy of imposing a Rs. 300 coupon was not effective enough in preventing men from disturbing the family-oriented atmosphere at the mall.

This Rs300 coupon, although a compulsion, was completely refundable given that you could use it at some shopping or food outlet in the mall. Later on, only Rs 250 could be refunded, so that all men, singularly or in a group had to pay Rs50 in order to enter the vicinity of the Centaurus Mall.

On August 31st, the Mall’s authorities decided to take a bold step towards curbing the entry of rowdy boys by introducing a non-refundable Rs. 500 coupon.

It should be mentioned that the Rs. 500 coupon measure was for 7 days. It came into effect on 31st August and is expiring today.

An Act Of Discrimination

The scheme, which had been implemented after complaints about the behavior of men frequenting the mall, has received a backlash over social media. People are complaining about the undue charge and the added hassle for everyone.

Throughout the world, shopping malls get buyers from everywhere and there aren’t any examples where the management starts charging entry fees. Even when there are any issues, mall management and staff handles the situation themselves rather than irritating every visitor who comes to the place.

What do you think of this move? Is it fair or discriminatory? Sound off in the comments below!


  • A very very very very very very very good move. It has to be 100000 dollars for these kind of people.

    • For what kind of people exactly? This isn’t a penalty just for people with rude behavior. It’s a compulsory fee for all members of a single gender, including you and me. Implying that we all belong to the same category as every low life just because we don’t have a female accompanying us.

      Also, does this mean that if I do pay this atrocious fees to enter the mall premises, I now have free rein to do whatever I want? Because that’s exactly what a lot of people with too much money to burn will take this token as.

      One of the stupidest moves I’ve seen an administration make.

            • it’s a stupid move and people should have to rise their voice because government is sleeping, 500 entry for mall OMG it’s hilarious

              • Good Breaking News : High Court has summoned the Centaurus Owner to explain the position against this illogical step

              • Its the same mentality as all other institutions.
                If you cannot stop crime, block mobiles. If you cannot stop stealing of your services (electricity or gas, or any other), so extra load shedding, or charge the people who are paying even more to adjust for loss.
                Meaning if you cannot do your own job properly, just blame the people, and shift the responsibility to them.
                Hence, it is the Mall’s responsibility through its security teams to ensure that the positive environment of the mall is maintained. Mr. Yasir, the owner/CEO of the mall, and educated in Dubai and London, knows very well that this is exactly the case in UK and UAE — but in Pakistan, who cares, and why would they, as government is neither for the people, no by the people — hence no one to protect awaam or fight their case, so they (awaam) can go to hell!

                • Business is private true, but place is public. Its not a exclusive place that only elites like urself is allowed and not the general public.

                  • It is a private business that serves the public, NOT a public place. It is the same way when sports stadiums and movie cinemas charge money for tickets.

                    And for the record, poor pindi boys can enter for free — if they bring their families.

                    • Bhai leave Shahid alone!
                      He seems to think that knowing English makes him knowledgeable enough to give his two-cents on all matters.
                      Maybe he has also done an MBA from a street-corner business school, so he thinks he is specially entitled to teach the rest of us.
                      This is a disease commonly known as “parha likha jahil”.

                    • DHA Parks (some of them you cannot even enter if you are not DHA resident)

                      Model Town Park

                      etc etc.

  • So if you have Rs. 500 you are, and if you don’t, you ain’t? Aah, if everyone can use this method of selecting nice ‘gentlemen’, the world would be a peaceful place for families …

    • Exactly, the administration can be taken to court over this. Now I’m wishing I was there so I could have created a scene and made sure this move backfired in their own face.

        • Hon, I would love to, but you see I live some 1500km away in Karachi. Though hit me up the next time they pull such a move. I might just take some time out to give them a piece of my mind.

          As to your question about me having balls, aren’t you living proof if you know what I mean? ;)

          • Crazy kid. Stop watching perverted shows. You mean you have something else in place of balls like a giant nothing. Which you rent.

            • bhai is ke moo na lago. He is liberal fascist. Abhi yahe baat jo is ne ap se ke agar dosre ne isse ke hoti toh ethics beech mein la ata, lakin ab is ne ye gandhi baat ke, ke u r living proof of his balls, toh ab ethics kahan gaye? ye toh Taha bad parenting ka product. He always wine and rant like a little b.itch. apne parents se be batameeze karta hai toh ap ko kiyon chorega.

        • Do you know what Balls are? if not ask your father. This is a public forum and do not stoop so low that someone puts yo back in your place

      • What will you do exactly? OK let me ask you one question, you are in the mall with your family (Mother and sister) and a single guy is staring at your mother and sister? how would you feel? or maybe the single guy just teases your sister. then what would you?

        Just dont be a stupid person and come up with things you dont know. just think of others who are there with the families and they come across this kind of guys who are actually not there for shopping and staring at others’ mother and sister.
        so be realistic and stop this kind of stupid behaviour.

        • Seriously? Are you slow in the head? How in the world does extorting Rs.500 at entrance prevent any of that from happening? To the contrary, it ensures that only self entitled SoBs will be able to enter the mall and think they can do whatever they want with daddy’s money. Instead of ramping up mall security to ensure such an incident does not happen, they use this as as excuse to make money.

          To answer your question though, I’m certain my family is more than capable of dealing with someone who looks at them like that. Don’t treat your women as if they are helpless. They’re stronger than you think. Probably more strong than some so called men.

        • so in other words… men who look at someones mother or sister after paying 500 is halal :p RIP LOGIC

          • I am not saying that man. You took it just the other way around LMAO. they are increasing it day by day to prevent that but it should be atleast 5K so no falto banda is there except families

        • Bhai ye Taha toh khud hot larkiyon ko stare karta hai is liye is ko itne takleef hori hai ke ab 500 daina pareyge agar hot larkiyon ka deedar karna hai toh.

        • Don’t waste ur time, he is an high class idiot. Waise amount kam rakha ab logon ne. min 2000 rakhna chiye ta ke Taha jaise lalo kaithe na pohanch jaye.

  • Now the thing is, jis ne 500 de k mall k andar jana hai.. us ne tou phir pori koshish krni hai paise poray krne ki… samjh tou aap gye hon ge :-D

      • i agree with you completely.. I also have sisters and a mother..i would also be irritated if someone looks at them with ill intentions..but its the job of the security and the management to keep such people in check…
        This method is effective,yes but it makes all the males who just go for shopping or eating come into the same category as the culprits who forced the Centaurus management to such acts.
        P.S: Centaurus should have better security and management to overcome this..if no then those who will pay the fees to enter are then allowed to do whatever they want?

  • Financing the Harassing business I see Can’taurus Mall… Like they call it “PAY TO PLAY” here in west… :D

  • it’s totally nonsense, people should go to the court. 500 entry for visiting a mall LOL I just go to the mall next to my home twice a day to buy groceries for Carefour in dubai and if it’s in isb i pay 1000 for water :D OMG when pak people will grow

    • When you goto Carefour, do you notice a line of strollers and prams and children running around. All men and women shopping happily and having a great time.
      You will not see the above scene in Pakistan. You cannot even imagine it. there is no family life in Pakistan. It has gone down to being a sick nation. In Carrefour you will see youth of all ages walking around, they will be local Arabs and all races from all over the world. They will be respecting each others privacy, they will not be ogling unlike the sick youth of Pakistan. It is this nation that needs reform.
      It is affecting the mental health of the people of Pakistan. We better realise this soon.

      • Let me fix it for you..

        You will not see the above scene in Centaurus!
        Visit any mall in khi and you’ll understand.

        I live in Rawalpindi and prefer going to safa gold if required than Centaurus in ISB or giga mall if not ISB.

  • malls are public place people can go for buying or just roaming it’s upto them. management should focus on security and keep strict eye of stupid people and try to caught them red handed to punish or give punish to everyone >_<

      • Private building to be used as a shopping place for public.
        So you’re wrong and correct at the same time.
        here problem is not the building but the place which is public.
        Hope this fix your confusion.

        • Cinema is a “private building to be used by the public” too. So are some Museums, restaurants, sport stadiums, parks, etc etc etc. Just because it is for the public does not mean it is for ALL PUBLIC. It is not a coincidence that many of these places reserve the right to kick you out if you misbehave, even if you don’t do anything illegal.

          • Lol you are confused over little things…
            There’s a public place
            There’s a security for public place
            There’s a pay only services for public in a place that public can use. ( Not a public place)

            All the places you mentioned are pay to get service places.
            Mall is not a pay to get service, hence the reason why it’s absurd and we are talking on this when a mall is forced into pay to enter service.

            • Mall is owned by a private company.

              Mall is built on private land.
              Mall is run by private management.
              Mall security is provided by private company.
              Space for shops in mall is rented out by private company to other private companies.

              Why do you say “Mall is not a pay to get service”? The owner of the mall decides that, not you.

              Where is the “public” in the mall? Only the visitors/shoppers. And their entry is subject to restrictions put in place by private owner of mall. End of Story.

              Compare that with a street. A street is a public place. A street’s security is provided by police, another public service. On the side of the street can be private homes, private businesses, public parks, etc, etc. This is nothing at all like that.

    • Mall is only reacting to people’s actions. They can either charge money to people who are likely to act badly, or they can spend more money on guards who may or may not be able to catch such activities.

  • Abh ye lahore ya karachi thori na hy, aik he to A.C wala Mall hy, There Should Be Separate Days for Families and Males Females, Yar jese Dubai ki trains men females ka alag apartment aur timing hy, Abu Dhabi Ka apna ladies and Family Beach hy, Sharjah k malls men Half Pent men nai ja sakte, security Tight hy aisa he koi solution yahan bhi hona chaheye.

  • In karachi its depends on security guard whom to allow just by seeing person they can allow or reject. Normally rejected 1 time only after talk to supervisor he allow to go.

  • Guys understand, nothing comes for free. This is “license for ogling” charges. Pay 500 and treat your eyes a feast.

  • Good move to improve the environment but what about people like me who use to genuinely go for shopping purpose there. This should be tackled with too.

    • There are places where women are not allowed, whether fee is involved or not. I have never heard you complain about the constitutionality of that.

      • There are places where men are not allowed, whether fee is involved or
        not. I have never heard you complain about the constitutionality of

        • Yes, because I don’t consider it a constitutional issue. Or a legal one. Private business means their rules, as long as they don’t violate laws. No one has shown which law Centaurus has violated, therefore not an issue at all.

  • Too much abnoxious and ridiculous… may be sooner or later they will ban single women aswell and they will be checking marriage certificate of every couple ?? …. islamabad is a beautiful place these things must be condemned

  • If you are alone thn u feel remorse for guys who have to pay, but whenever u are with female u wish they could charge them double of that. Its a shopping mall , shop or at-least do window shopping ( of goods in the shops). Those who r saying there is no shoppin mall in the world where they charge, u r right. But again no shopping mall in the world where men go just for staring at females……

  • A very good step. Further strict measures should be ensured.

    This nation is at an abyss of moral decadence. Why is it that only in this part of the world such loitering around boys are a nuisance. They make it hell for the families who are visiting to have a peaceful time in a country where there is a very serious lack of entertainment.

    We can ban them from the Malls and public places, we can fine them and put them in jail.

    But who will rise to reform this useless youth. Who will see and diagnose the problem in their upbringing, will the mothers of this nation continue to give us these rowdy bunch that are only now a cancer for this society.

  • There should be same treatment for single boys and also for single girls and that fee (500 is fine) must be fully adjustable. There should be no deduction. Mall should not make income out of controls and ppl shouldn’t be charged until u can specifically identify if someone has something wrong. Free entry is also not good, take the example of ur family going there and lonely boys doing disrespect to ur females. But top of it, at least one day in a week should be announced for free entry for all and if families know this they can avoid that day.

  • Well, we have to take look this activity under Pakistan law, if it allow a business establishment or mall to have right of refusal.

    Secondly, can such self develop law be applied on commercial building where admissions control can be imposed.

    Thirdly, this behavior of imposing fee on specific gender or age group is definitely gender, racial and ethnic discrimination which can be consider criminal act under the law.

    Beside all the bullshit we all said, just remember this is Paksitan and here might is right.

    • >>>> which can be consider criminal act under the law. <<<<

      It can only be considered criminal act if a law is broken. If you don't know, don't speculate.

  • This mall is not that great anyway. I visited once with my family and the some shopkeepers were very rude. They have some sort of superiority complex.

    The mall seemed like ancient anyways as compared to many good malls that are available in lahore.

  • I don’t understand the word “family” or “family day” usually used for entering malls. A father and a son is not considered family? I have seen guards stopping them and not letting them in malls. So might as well say “FEMALE” company is needed so that you can be labelled as “Family” – height of discrimination!

  • Instead of imposing 500 or 300 Rs for “Pindi Boyz” Centaurus owner needs to work on security insight MALL, they need to be strict on such indecent behavior done by anyone, yes it would create a mess but trust me after third or fourth time people will behave, the trained guards must be increased inside mall and complaint desks and person should be everywhere to contact anytime, and those rascals either pindi boys or Islamabad Burgers have to be taken to task, beat them let them apologize to the victims and then handover them to Capital Police immediately, where LITHROR must be served and shave then heads and put there pictures outside and inside mall.
    believe me even after one incident it wont happen. Family will feel secure and footsteps for Mall will be incredibly increased.
    BUT is Centaurus owners ready to do that? no they are not because it costs and increases responsibilities, they just want their pockets fills with money, no matter from and how it comes.

  • There is another way to handle this situation. Only families are allowed on weekends whereas rest of the days, every one is welcomed without imposing any fee.

  • I initially agreed with the statement about there being social divisions in Pakistan. However, upon reflection I have changed my mind. I agree with the Centaurus Management’s decision to screen visitors to their mall. The mall is a commercial entity and as such needs to make a profit in order to survive. If the mall is inundated with tourists who simply want to take selfies and window shop then this obviously doesn’t make the mall commercially viable. In terms of my own experience I can categorically state that the mall accommodates more than enough of these non spending tourists, who use the free facilities such as toilets, lifts, escalators, air conditioning and seating. The problem is this takes away from genuine shoppers and paying visitors to the mall. I have often had to ask people to step aside from the escalators because after waiting 10 minutes for someone to step on to it with all the drama and showmanship of a state visit it become tiresome, also many visitors have opted to avoid the mall on weekends because the chances of finding a seat in the food court is less likely then finding a politician in Pakistan that isn’t corrupt. In short, Socio-economic class exists in all market economies in the world and we should stop making excuses for those people who want to openly flaunt the rules as stated in another post and not face the consequences. The Centaurus mall is exactly what is says on the tin, a mall and it needs to have paying customers to survive so tourists and selfie takers should perhaps go to the park or the many bazaars instead.

  • Illicit money . As looters loots , thieves theft , corrupt do corruption, alike the centaurs mall management does the same.
    …….Behti ganga me hath do rahy he…..

  • The Management should be given a course in Public LAW, Even the Government has to make a LAW to impose financial deductions. This is absolutely ILLEGAL

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