Official: Dr. Musharraf Rasool is the New CEO of PIA

As we reported before, Dr. Musharraf Rasool has joined PIA as its Chief Executive Officer. He is the first CEO after PIAC’s conversion into a Public Limited Company in December, 2016.

He brings with him more than 26 years of experience in public sector management, service reforms, project planning and economic development programs.

A professional technocrat with experience of working in various capacities with the Government of Pakistan, Dr. Musharraf Rasool holds a PhD in Economics from the world-renowned Georgia State University, after completing his Masters in Development Management from University College London.

His doctoral studies in Economics focused on pricing, consumer behavior, taxation, investment in public assets, quantitative methods and analytical tools for efficiency and effectiveness.

During start of his professional career, he stood first in the nationwide competitive exam for Civil Service of Pakistan and was awarded the prestigious Gold Medals in management courses in the Civil Service Academy.

He has also been trained in Aviation Management from Embry-Riddle University, Florida, USA.

Dr. Musharraf Rasool has wide ranging experience in implementation of public sector programs in Pakistan, especially leading the design and implementation of public sector reforms. From 2002 to 2005 he led implementation of decentralization reforms program, financed by the Asian Development Bank.

Prior to working with ADB he worked in senior public sector management positions in Pakistan. In recent years, after completing his doctorate in economics, Mr. Musharraf Rasool has worked in various countries including United States of America. His assignments have involved public sector reforms, behavior change and economic development.

He has provided technical assistance to World Bank, Asian Development Bank, United National Development Program, USAID and other international organizations.

He has authored numerous reports and papers on public sector in Pakistan and has also published a book titled “Taxation for Pakistan’s Revival” in the year 2015.

  • Dear writer,
    there is a contrast in your reports. In this report you are writing, that the New CEO is a PhD doctor, while in your previous article (as refereed in your first line of this article) you had written, he is a MBBS doctor. there are other contrasts as well..

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