TimeTrax: A Complete Solution to Modernize Pakistani Businesses

Information technology has transformed modern businesses. From the startup to the enterprise, use of specialized software has resulted in productivity gains the likes of which we have never seen before in history.

To remain competitive, agile and responsive to new threats and opportunities, modern businesses need to leverage information technology in an effective and sustainable manner. .

In order to increase profits in such a competitive market, companies need to make use of tailored solutions in order to perform at their best.

EfroTech, one of Pakistan’s leading IT solution providers with a market experience of two decades, aims to solve this issue for Pakistani companies.

It offers a complete package that can be tailored as per the human specifications of a company. Its popular software packages include orBItrax BI, TimeTrax HCMS and BizzTrax CRM/ERP which improve productivity and allow detailed data analytics for any type of organization.

TimeTrax HCM Suite is one of EfroTech’s most popular products which is aimed towards organization management and increasing productivity. It improves macro and micro management of a company via an integrated solution.

The software suite can cater to all the demands of HR, OD and Admin departments in a company. It has the potential to bring out the best in employees and can automate day-to-day tasks so that there’s more focus on output rather than mundane tasks.

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Dawn Bread is a household name in Pakistan. It started production back in 1981 and quick growth allowed it to expand its plants to other cities of the country. The company went on to secure a whopping 35 percent market share in Pakistan thanks to its high quality bread products. However, as companies grow, management becomes more difficult, especially for a family-owned company like Dawn Bread.

To resolve this issue, Dawn Bread implemented EfroTech’s TimeTrax solution back in 2014. The move has resulted in a major upshift at the organization and digitization of operations has increased productivity, improved man-management and eliminated any financial disputes – a common occurrence with a manual system.

Dawn Bread currently uses eAttendance, eLeave, ePayroll, eDocs, eAppraisal and eRecruitment modules of the TimeTrax HCM suite along with a couple of handy hardware solutions like the TT-20 & TT-200.

Purpose and benefits of the modules used by Dawn Bread are listed below:

  • eAttendanceis a comprehensive tool which integrates seamlessly with TimeTrax’s Biometric & RFID Devices to record employee arrival and departure times along with their turnout records. The module can produce ready-to-use customizable and detailed reports for all employees whether its overtime, late arrival penalties or early leaves. The system can also be used for shift scheduling.
  • eLeave, as the name suggests, is for the management of employee leaves. Admin department no longer needs to fuss over employee leave management. Everything, including leave acceptance, application and planning can be managed through a simple interface. A separate Employee Self-Service (ESS) makes the whole process a lot simpler. Similar to other modules, it can be used for customizable reports and long-term statistics.
  • [email protected] ICT Award Winner ePayroll module completely automates payroll management. Not only is the solution easy to implement, it’s very cost effective as well. At a fraction of the HR cost, the system helps the HR department manage employee loans, pay slips, overtime payments, bonuses, provident fund accounting, gratuity and all other related documentation through a user-friendly interface which is accessible across all branches of the company.
  • Aimed at removing paperwork from the desks, eDocsallows the storage and retrieval of HR documents as digital copies. It speeds up document search and makes it easy to assign any particular one to an employee’s master file. A Scan-to-PDF and auto-upload features has been baked-in as well.

  • A cornerstone of successful human resource management is measuring performance and providing a platform to review improvement. eAppraisal can help encourage employees to improve their performance. It’s a web-based solution to judge performance, based on employee ratings. It makes use of a customized rating policy for salary increment suggestions and more. Employees and managers can comment on an employees’ performance which can be accessed by the upper management. It can help improve bottom-line performance in companies by creating an environment where performance is actually monitored and rewarded.
  • Hiring employees is by no means an easy task in a country like Pakistan, enjoying tremendous growth and a vast supply of human resource. eRecruitment automates the hiring process and saves time and costs related to recruitment. From publishing job posts to receiving applications and managing the hiring process, all is handled through an automated job portal. The module allows for filtering of applications and interview scheduling as well. It can be attached to the company website, eliminating the needs for a third-party. Even the applicants benefit from it as they view application status and can be evaluated online.

Dawn Bread’s Manager Admin & HR, Major (R) Shehryar Ashraf, confirms that the usage of these TimeTrax modules has improved company performance.

“Prior to TimeTrax, we used to operate manually. It created a lot of problems for the management staff who found it difficult to manage such a large organization. Since we moved to EfroTech’s solution, our performance has changed and focus has moved towards employee development,” said Ashraf.

He added that they used to get a lot of financial errors in loans while leave management was nearly non-existent. eLeave, ePayroll and eAttendance modules have made it all very simple according to Ashraf. The manager has noticed that with the extra time on the managerial team’s hands, they are now more focused on employee training and improvement.

“We used to have errors in employee loans, complaints against incorrect overtimes and many other problems which no longer exist. We can get it all with one-button reports now,” he added.

Even the company’s HR department has gotten a massive boost. Employee complaints are down while performance keeps improving. Ashraf mentioned that eRecruitment has been pretty handy in getting the best pick of applicants for vacancies.

eAppraisal has helped create an environment in the company which promotes hard work. Executives and managers can share their opinion on employees which introduces transparency and goodwill in employee-management relations.

Shehryar Ashraf appreciated the use of TimeTrax and how it has automated and simplified everything.

What More Does TimeTrax Offer?

Since TimeTrax is a complete HR and Admin solution, it brings several other modules to the table which can digitize even more segments of modern businesses while using a single interface. Take a look at the some of the most prominent TimeTrax modules:

  • Companies looking for employee development can opt for eTraining which helps track training records for each of the employees via an automated environment. Training calendars and employee skills are accessible though the online dashboard.
  • Companies looking to offer leisure vacations, market exploration visits, vendor audits or work tours to their employees can go for eTravel, a web-based solution for travel authorization, expense claims and approval workflows. The module is remotely accessible though the TimeTrax dashboard as well.
  • eTMS is a Task Management and Monitoring tool for organizations spread across multiple geographical locations. Service and project based companies can benefit from the module. The module can also be linked with eAppraisal for performance analysis.

Whether it’s Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar or any other city of the world, senior management can keep an eye on different branches of the organization while branch managers can improve performance using detailed reports and analysis.

EfroTech’s HR & ERP solutions can streamline operations and increase productivity while decreasing costs and modernizing businesses. The web connected, cloud-ready and remote-enabled TimeTrax solution can open doors for new growth opportunities for YOUR organization as well.

Visit the Inquiry Page (http://www.EfroTech.com/Inquiry) for a detailed demo of the solutions.

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