Telenor Becomes First Pakistani Telco to Develop its Own Cloud Network

Telenor Pakistan has developed its own cloud network on which the company successfully tested the first 3G voice call and first LTE data call.

During the next few months, the company will continue building on this platform and virtualize all the network functions that currently exist on proprietary hardware today.

Company said that this industry-first move is is made for digital transformation of the country’s ICT sector.

The move is said to be a hallmark achievement in Telenor Pakistan’s network virtualization journey, making it the first cellular operator in Pakistan to have an in-house Cloud platform enabling digitization of all network functions.

Using telco cloud technology from Nokia, including Nokia’s AirFrame data center solution and OpenStack-based Nokia CloudBand software, and ZTE’s virtualized MSS and virtualized PGW functions, Telenor Pakistan has successfully implemented integrated VNF solutions which are key enablers for its network transformation.

The data call utilized Nokia’s SR-IOV enabled AirFrame servers thus leveraging an acceleration technology that is used for high-throughput applications in a virtualized environment and further demonstrating Telenor’s advanced standing in the telecommunications market.

Telenor’s technology division has been working on the project for quite some time in an effort to materialize the company’s network transformation goals and help Telenor strengthen its foothold as the ICT leader of the digital revolution, said a press statement.

Once fully deployed, the newly built Cloud platform will drastically improve response time to customer requests, provide more freedom in building customers solutions, and result in the addition of new revenue streams by means of public Cloud offering.

The move will also bring efficiency, scalability, and automation to Telenor’s network which is a key enabler for bringing quality network services to end customers.

“I consider development and successful testing of our own Cloud network as a huge stride toward our network virtualization goals, and this is just the beginning of a whole new era,” said Khurrum Ashfaque, Chief Technology Officer, Telenor Pakistan.

“Nokia is proud to have helped Telenor achieve this ground-breaking milestone, taking important steps towards virtualization of its network. It is great to see Telenor leveraging the strong multi-vendor capabilities of Nokia’s cloud infrastructure,” said Khalid Khan, Head of the Middle East Growth Markets at Nokia.

“We are pleased to have helped Pakistan’s second largest cellular and digital services provider materialize their network transformation goals by assisting them in developing their own Cloud system,” said Fan Hu, SVP ZTE Corporation.

“Ranked Number 1 in filing patents globally, ZTE invests more than 10% of annual revenue on R&D, employing over 30,000 research professionals in the development of next-generation technologies including 5G, IoT, NFV, SDN, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Smart City”, Fan Hu added.

    • Only 28 percent of Telenor’s customers are on 3G/4G. And this ratio is not going to even cross 60% at least for Telenor. So Yes Telenor will have to renew its 2G spectrum in 2019.

      And 2G is not going anywhere in Pakistan for at least 5 more years. And whenever it will shut down operators can use 2G spectrum for 3G and 4G because if shift of customers towards 3G/4G will free 2G spectrum, 3G/4G spectrum will continue to become congested. And this is why 900 MHz is very usefull for 3G and 1800 MHz for 4G. Like Jazz and Zong are using portion of their 1800 MHz 2G spectrum for 4G and Ufone is using portion of its 900 MHz for 3G as well to counter congestion.

        • Due to small number of users Ufone might launch 4G on its 2G 1800 MHz spectrum via spectrum refarming like Warid did. But Ufone will still need to have huge investment for 4G deployment which apparently they don’t have right now. They might deploy it in few cities only to increase their sale price like Warid did.

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