NADRA Officer Fired After Sharing Secret Info on Ishaq Dar

A senior officer at National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) was fired just a day after he shared “top secret” information. The information in question was related to a relative of Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, and was dispatched to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for one of its investigations.

The information was requested by NAB’s Lahore office as part of its probe related to the Finance Minister.

NADRA was ordered to delegate “a senior officer…to courier by-hand the requisite information to investigators in NAB Lahore.”

‘Top Secret’ Info

The officer in question was NADRA Headquarters Data Warehouse Director Qaboos Aziz, who was sent a letter directly from the chairman assigning him to the task. The letter mentioned this task as being “top secret”.

The information was related to Dar’s daughter, who is currently living in the UK.

Mr. Aziz handed over the info on August 21st and his termination letter was handed to him on August 23rd. No valid reason was given to him for his termination.

Reportedly, the real story behind his termination is something entirely different.

Mr. Aziz has challenged his termination at Islamabad High Court. He attached an affidavit alongside his petition to the court, which mentions the event that led to his termination.

Why He Was Fired

According to Qaboos Aziz, a day before he was fired, he was summoned at NADRA Director-General Projects, Zulfiqar Ali’s office.

He said,

I was told by the Projects DG that I should try to persuade the deputy chairman to voluntarily resign from his post. In case of failure, I was informed that I will be terminated from service.

I was assured by the Projects DG that if I manage to convince the deputy chairman to resign, my service will not be in danger.

The DG was informed that Mr. Aziz had friendly relations with the deputy chairman NADRA, Muzaffar Ali while he himself had dealings with the chairman, Usman Yousuf Mobeen.

Mr. Aziz’s affidavit adds that he was taken by surprise as the demand was completely unexpected. He had joined NADRA in 2001 as a database administrator.

Via Express Tribune

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  • fired to pass on the truth to nab hahaha that is most hilarious ..i am not saying the story is fake, i am just saying the reasons to fire someone like this shows how low the dar and nawaz are and reflects nation Pakistan’s mental health

    • Mr. Khan,

      What you are saying isn’t even said by the complainant Mr. Aziz.

      Not Pakistani nation’s mental health should be questioned by you but you actually should see a dr asap as you can only read bold headline and not the full story.

      P.S. See a dr. before it gets too late.

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