Blue Whale Game Almost Claimed the Lives of Two Boys from Mardan

The infamous Blue Whale game that has been driving people towards self-harm and suicide worldwide, is now gaining notoriety in Pakistan.

Recently two more people from Peshawar started playing the game. Fortunately, they were stopped as the game objectives became worse.

Dr. Imran Khan from Peshawar’s Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) was contacted by two men from Mardan that played the game. The two men, aged 19 and 21 years old respectively, got in touch with the doctor as they suffered from depression after playing the Blue Whale game.

The two men started playing the game a few days ago. However, as the challenges got progressively weird and bizarre they stopped midway and sought medical attention.

Dr. Imran didn’t reveal their names in order to safeguard his patients’ privacy. However he shared that one of the patients was an IT expert who was trying to ascertain whether the game was actually life threatening or not.

About The Blue Whale Challenge

Blue Whale Challenge game surfaced after reports of more than 130 teenagers in Russia who were being asked to commit suicide. Blue whales knowingly commit suicide by beaching themselves, which led the game’s creators calling it the Blue Whale challenge.

The participants are told to complete a series of tasks over the course of 50 days by closed social media groups or game curators. In the beginning, the challenges are simple and easy to finish, like being asked to not talk to anyone for a day or to go outside at 3 am. As mentioned earlier the tasks get increasingly bizarre, telling players to self harm (carve a whale into their arm for example) or worse.

On the 50th day they’re asked to commit suicide.

Mentally Trapped

Dr. Imran says that most people that start playing the game have a history of mental illnesses. He adds,

People start suffering from depression because game moderators warn the players that if they don’t complete the assigned tasks, their families would be harmed,

People are often afraid that the moderators have access to their cell phone data and can use it for illegal purposes.

Another case of a Blue Whale victim was also reported at the KTH where a 16 year old girl got to the last challenge but stopped. Dr. Azaz Jamal from KTH’s psychiatric ward says that she was a regular computer user and a techie.

She was warned by the moderator that if she didn’t kill herself, she would be killed instead.

Avoid Suspicious Links and Social Groups

The doctors have advised that you should avoid starting the challenge just for fun and not follow any suspicious links on shady websites. He also asked the parents to keep an eye on their children especially if they spend a lot of time on computers on mobile phones.

According to an IT expert, the game is available for download on Apple and Google App stores. Links to the game are being shared on WhatsApp groups, which makes it progressively harder to block the game. If you click on them the game is downloaded on your phone and the game admins hack into your smartphone through it.

A techie, gamer, and Senior Editor at ProPakistani.

  • Bitter Reality ……!
    Game is not available for download on any Platform. It can only be found in Deep Web. Original Links are only shared in the groups of Sadness, Depression and ETC……!

  • got new cell fon and sim, dont sign in google or any other account, dont save any contact, picture or video related to your family,

    now its time to one on one with curator (blue whale) LOL

  • List of 50 Blue Whale Challenges APK:
    A Reddit user posted a completed list of tasks which were supposedly posted in a comment on a story about the game on a Russian news website. The list of 50 challenges has been translated from Russian.

    1. Carve with a razor “f57” on your hand, send a photo to the curator.
    2. Wake up at 4.20 a.m. and watch psychedelic and scary videos that curator sends you.
    3. Cut your arm with a razor along your veins, but not too deep, only 3 cuts, send a photo to the curator.
    4. Draw a whale on a sheet of paper, send a photo to curator.
    5. If you are ready to “become a whale”, carve “YES” on your leg. If not, cut yourself many times (punish yourself).
    6. Task with a cipher.
    7. Carve “f40” on your hand, send a photo to curator.
    8. Type “#i_am_whale” in your VKontakte status.
    9. You have to overcome your fear.
    10. Wake up at 4:20 a.m. and go to a roof (the higher the better)
    11. Carve a whale on your hand with a razor, send a photo to curator.
    12. Watch psychedelic and horror videos all day.
    13. Listen to music that “they” (curators) send you.
    14. Cut your lip.
    15. Poke your hand with a needle many times
    16. Do something painful to yourself, make yourself sick.
    17. Go to the highest roof you can find, stand on the edge for some time.
    18. Go to a bridge, stand on the edge.
    19. Climb up a crane or at least try to do it
    20. The curator checks if you are trustworthy.
    21. Have a talk “with a whale” (with another player like you or with a curator) in Skype.
    22. Go to a roof and sit on the edge with your legs dangling.
    23. Another task with a cipher.
    24. Secret task.
    25. Have a meeting with a “whale.”
    26. The curator tells you the date of your death and you have to accept it.
    27. Wake up at 4:20 a.m. and go to rails (visit any railroad that you can find).
    28. Don’t talk to anyone all day.
    29. Make a vow that “you’re a whale.”
    30-49. Everyday you wake up at 4:20am, watch horror videos, listen to music that “they” send you, make 1 cut on your body per day, talk “to a whale.”
    50. Jump off a high building. Take your life.

  • Lagta hai Abdul Wahab nay bhi Blue whale install kar li hai tabhi nazar nahi araha, betha hoga kisi konay main blade se nishan banatay huwey apnay arms per.

    • aisa hi lag raha hai… Abdul Wahab sahab nazar nhi aa rahay . bohat tashweeshnaak surat e haal hai warna aisay topics par tu unhain comment krnay ka moqa chahiay hota hai…

  • This is quite strange as it doesnt exist at all its just a myth. Well for generating web viewers traffic excellent idea to post on a mature platform like ProPakistani. I challenge the writer of this to share link of APK comeon ProPakistani you can do better!

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