Shahzad Ashfaq Leaves Jura Energy Corp

Following the commencement of JURA ENERGY Corp.’s drilling at the Zainab-1 exploratory well, in Badin IV North block, located in the prolific oil and gas lower Indus basin of Pakistan, Shahzad Ashfaq, a member of the board of directors, announced his resignation from the board.

His reasons were that he wanted more time to invest in his other business interests. Mr. Ashfaq had been the director of Jura since 2012.

The management of Jura has announced that there will be no candidate nominated for the place of Mr. Shahzad Ashfaq and his resignation will be effective immediately following the close of the Shareholder Meeting.

About Jura Energy Corporation

Jura’s head office is located in Calgary, Alberta and its main operational office is located in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Jura is an international energy company engaged in the exploration and development of petroleum and natural gas properties in Pakistan. Jura conducts its business in Pakistan through its subsidiaries, Frontier Holdings Ltd. and Spud Energy Pty. Ltd.

Their board of directors currently comprises of Frank Turner (Director), Stephen C.Smith (Director), Syed Hasan Akbar Kazmi (Director), Nadeem Farooq (Interim Chief Executive Officer and Director), Stephen C.Akerfeldt (Director) and Timothy M.Eliott (Chairman).

Zainab – 1 Exploratory Well

Badin IV North covers an area of 1246 sq. km exploration license, located in the lower Indus Basin, surrounded by oil and gas discoveries. Two exploratory wells were previously drilled in an effort to explore the commercial accumulations of hydrocarbons. Zainab-1 is the third.

The projected depth of the well is 2,600 metres, which will target the upper and middle sands of the Lower Goru formation of Cretaceous age. The Badin IV North block covers an area of 1,246 kilometres and is located adjacent to several producing oil and gas fields. Jura holds a 27.5-per-cent working interest in the Badin IV North block, which is operated by Petroleum Exploration (Private) Ltd. About Jura Energy Corp.

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  • Thanks for sharing this press release Pro Pakistani. Just want to contribute my ten cents here: I left Jura Energy to invest more time in my private venture that is about business management and financial planning. Being a financial planner I would say people who are able to manage their funds smoothly can do so because they understand that this is perhaps the only way to even come close to guaranteed future stability. Having enough money and investments, will allow you to relax on your days off when you’re not making money and give you a chance to focus on other important things that are often forgotten in this money making competition.

    Clever financial planning will leave you with one less thing to worry about in the future. You can then move on to sorting other things to make your future as safe and secure for yourself and the people you’re responsible for.

    Not having funds in case of an emergency can affect you heavily when an emergency does arrive. It can change your life and bring it to a track you’d never thought about.
    Financial planning is not about putting all your money away and living with just the minimum. It’s about understanding that life can change at any instance and protecting yourself from the possible damage.

    Also, it’s not like you can’t have funds kept away just for adventure and experiments. You can save a percentage of your money for travelling the world as well. Budgeting and prioritizing is key.
    “I believe that the biggest mistake that most people make when it comes to their retirement is they do not plan for it. They take the same route as Alice in the story from “Alice in Wonderland,” in which the cat tells Alice that surely she will get somewhere as long as she walks long enough. It may not be exactly where you wanted to get to, but you certainly get somewhere.”

    ― Mark Singer, The Changing Landscape Of Retirement – What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You

    Shahzad Fakhar Ashfaq

  • I have personally worked with Shahzad Ashfaq at Jura Energy and I would love to say ‘regardless of what department you are from, you will always be considered an asset. Your degree of usefulness is rated and importance is given accordingly. All organizations have a bottom line and if you’re bringing in new opportunities for them you will always be given increased rankings which you just proved with your dedication and innovation. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been hired for marketing or finance; it’s all about how willing you were to contribute in a larger way. This doesn’t mean you turned yourself into a walking talking advertisement for your employer, but you always maintained a keen awareness of the many opportunities that could be surrounding you in all areas of life. Sometimes Shahzad Fakhar Ashfaq was the start of the show and at other times merely in the chorus. Being alert of his co-workers’ requirements and offering to help when their workload got too overwhelming is one of the golden ways of him being as a team player. In a team atmosphere, focus on listening as often as you do on speaking. Shahzad being a supervisor always appreciated his coworkers and valued their opinions. He never hesitated in sharing his knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm but also made sure the team focuses on it too.

  • I have worked closely with Shahzad Ashfaq, he is one of those nicest guys who never say ‘No’ when you need any assistance from them. For all those people here, who do not know about him do read the below lines to know more about him.

    Shazad Ashfaq is a Financial Consultant and Economist. He is graduated in discipline of International studies and Economics from Macalestar College one of the renowned institute, which is situated in Saint Paul, Minnesota, US.

    He started his career in the investment sector in 1991. He has worked as a Managing director for Stanhill Capital, as a Co founder of Touchstone Gold, as a Vice-president of Nomura International, and as a Managing director for Juniper Capital.

    He is an expert financial analyst and has helped many of his clients to setup a new business and run it in realistic manner. Shahzad Ashfsq is the person, who is talented, up-to-date and skilled. He is the man who knows how much to invest, where to invest and how to run a proper business cycle.

  • Pakistan is a land of talents, but very few people are willing to bring a change here. After successful careers they just move away from their homeland. Here Shahzad has a aim to build a Consulting Firm and he himself wants to consult and support the new businessmen of the country.
    He has a vision, he wants to see the youth of Pakistan in the rank of best business men in the world. He wants his country talent to shine brighter. He believes with passion, proper knowledge and planning business ventures can rise higher, even the skies will not be the limit. According to him here in Pakistan people need proper guidance, they need someone to turn their dreams into reality. The issue of unemployment which is the biggest one in Pakistan can be resolved. New business projects will give more employment opportunities. The pays range will increase. All together it will turn the history of economy. The economic situation will improve. Unemployed will have great and better job opportunities. The quality of work will increase. Our trade will get better. Pakistan will have lots of products to offer in the International markets. Shahzad Ashfaq is a pro, and with his exceptional vision, he for sure has the ability to change the present situation of businesses here. Pakistanis need a professional like him, who is honest in his vision and best in his profession. Hope Shahzad Ashfaq achieves his goals and turn Pakistan a developed nation.

  • I have worked with Shahzad Ashfaq for more than 4 years in London, we used to work for Stanhill Capitals at that time. He’s an amazing person, soft, humble and extremely cooperative with work stuff. I learned a few things from Mr. Shahzad Fakhar Ashfaq, he always insists that a company should made invest in online advertisement. Today adverts play a crucial role in promoting businesses and empowering them. Advertisements costs are really expensive when you choose platforms like TV, radio or newspapers. But online advertising is more cheap and effective. Due to social media craze and smartphones everywhere in every hand online adverts reach to each and every possible customer. Online advertising doesn’t costs much and the results are brilliant. This strategy will help your Brand get popular among the masses and classes. Being popular results in direct customer growth. The Second thing Shahzad used to emphasize a lot on was to connect with People. He suggests that a company should connect with people, personally. Speak publicly at public platforms, introduce yourself. Set up charity events. Be helpful, serve humanity. Inspire people through your actions, aims, goals and objectives. Show the world, make them believe you are here to bring the change, you are here to be a leader. Be honest and polite among people. Once you get popular and connected to people, you will see your business at new heights.

  • Shahzad Fakhar Ashfaq is by no doubt an immense asset for Pakistan. He has been working really hard to make the difference. I have personally met this guy a few times for some private business consultancy but he is good, a soft spoken person with lots of knowledge about the finance industry of Pakistan. I would say Shahzad Ashfaq’s hard work will pay off amazingly well in the upcoming years of Pakistan.

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