Hamza Ali Abbasi Under Fire for Publicly Endorsing Hafiz Saeed

Hamza Ali Abbasi is no stranger to controversy. But this time his fans and detractors seem to think that he has gone too far with his recent tweet regarding the NA-120 by-elections in Lahore.

The actor-cum-social activist-cum-anchor tweeted this yesterday after former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s wife Kulsoom Nawaz won the seat left vacant by him in NA-120.

For those who don’t know, Hamza is referring to the performance of the party that came third in the overall results, after PML-N and PTI in the recently held polls. The MML, which is backed by Hafiz Saeed, bagged 4k votes in the first by-election they contested.

Only one problem here. Hafiz Saeed has been branded as a terrorist by various international governments and organizations over his efforts to fund terrorism. The United Nations and United States have both put them on their blacklist, penalizing individuals and companies who are associated with him.

Hamza’s recent endorsement of a terrorist like Hafiz Saeed has brought in condemnation from various people.

Some even went on to say that Hamza doesn’t tow a consistent line, changing his views from topic to topic as needed:

Others are calling him out for it:

He has tried to defend his endorsement by mentioning that Hafiz Saeed’s organization has been at the forefront of relief work whenever disaster strikes in Pakistan. He also brought up his support for Kashmir struggle as well.

No matter what others think about Hamza’s recent political commentary, one thing is for sure. This isn’t the last time he will be in the news.

What do you think of Hamza Ali Abassi’s views? Do you think he should go back to acting? Or gear up for a career in Politics? Sound off below!

  • Mr. Hafiz Saeed is great leader in Pakistan, and his organization FIF is already done so much for poor Pakistanis, which was duty of Govt, He always stand by Kashmiries, that’s why They love him, Now his organization is aiding to burmies people. Shame on Govt. and shame on those ignorant peoples who just speak against, while doing nothing.

  • I think you don’t have complete details. MML is not actually third in the overall results. ALHAMDULILLAH Sheikh Muhammad Azhar Hussain Rizvi of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Ya RASOOL ALLAH remained third with 7,130 votes.

    So I request you to please update this.

    • AAmir Atta bhai now this is a hate speech here from MR Tala! lagta hy khadim hussain sb ny inko ye galian in person nikali hain aur inki behnon ki siri bhi kee hy …! koi nai mera para , dnt take it too serious !

  • We cannot say that he is wrong, at least until the same is proved in a court with evidences…..

  • Total bullshit and rubbish. Hafiz saeed is a great and only leader to stand for our kashmiri brothers. Thats the reason behind end-ian propaganda of trying to proving him a terrorist.
    modi Declared Terrorist by US is now PM of India. Hafiza Saeed Fought againt Indian forces in kashmir, To much Social work in Pakistan . in earth quake & in floods. Only organization who have Flood response unit. App 2 Million lives they saved in last flood effected areas. . they fought against taliban. still u beleive they are not sincere with country then LEJ Mosavi pro Suadi & Pro Iranian are Loyal to Pak is big joke

    Who is the author of this rubbish, propk staff, really. This article seems to be written by india today staff really.

    • I agree, Hafiz Saeed sb, is a great person. the people who have issued with him then those should be e

  • I think I am the only person who support this article….

    Men with guns will always fight needing an enemy and they will start killing you when they have none enemies left.
    We made Taliban, and now we are killed by Taliban. We shall get rid of other Zia made gunners before its too late. The world has changed…… and our country is on the verge of declaration of being a terrorist state due to these non state actors.

    Bhutto is dead because his legacy is no more. Zia is alive as his legacy continues……. and ironically we are still fond of his legacy.

    • Fuck legacy this Quaid`s Pakistan .Yes i agree but u seem to live in the past.Mujhay sirf ek baat k ajawab do you voice your concers for kashmirs,syrians,palestine and those burma muslims
      Where the fuck are your concers when Shia Muslims get slaughtered?

        • Fortunately Islam puts humanity first in many areas. For example in war Muslims are not allowed to kill elderly, women, children etc etc.

          But I always wondered how Pak Army and PAF people handle that mentally. An F-16 dropping a bomb — the bomb cannot distinguish between friend and foe. Same with artilary shell fired by Army howitser.

          • PAF or Army should care for these elderly, women and children and they do it. A strike is only launched after confirmed intelligence reports. This is no joke. They wait for the right time and place before striking. This is Pakistan Army not Indian, US or NATO Army.

            • Easy to believe that but I am 100% certain the same army that did killings in Bangladesh or the 1988 Gilgit attack is not 100% responsible as you think.

  • Hamza said nothing wrong. Hafiz Saeed is considered a great leader in the eyes of Kashmir. He has spoken loud for the rights of Kashmiries. India on the other hand tries to prove him otherwise just to shut the voice of Kashmiries. By not supporting Hafiz Saeed, we are supporting Indian stance on Kashmir.

    Just a fact! Do you know Hafiz Saeed and his team were the first to reach out to Kashmiries and helped them in Oct 2005 earthquake while all other NGOs and Government Agencies took at least a day to respond.

  • hamen to apnun ne loota, ghairun mein kahan dam tha.
    another Ajmal kasab designation of ProPakistani.

  • this propakistani is actually antipakistani your editorial actually depicts the point of view of indian terrorists shame on you

    • Shame on ProPakistani staff for opposing Hamza Ali Abbasi and Hafiz Saeed. We don’t have a multidisciplinary hero like Hafiz Saeed in recent past. Think 1000 times before speaking against hero. The scenario of Taliban and Hafiz Saeed is totally different.

  • Are we talking about same International Organizations that gave noble prize to Aung San Suu Kyi (Rhonigyas Mass Murderer) and are still silent about the ongoing ethnic cleansing
    while lamenting Hafiz Saeed as a terrorist just because he supports Kashmiris against Indian occupation and violence and struggle for their freedom. These organizations be like ”Yes put sanctions on Hafiz Saeed for supporting Innocent Kashmiris and do nothing against a mass murderer only condemn half-heartedly” Isn’t it Ironic???

    And shame on ProPaki Staff for you know what i meant

    • Aung San Suu Kyi fought for democracy in democratic way, that’s why she was awarded the prize.
      Presently she is as powerful as our all civilian PMs are, just trying to survive the strong army of the country and religious radicals. I feel pity for her as I do for our politicians.

  • Hamza Ali Abbasi is a man with guts to speak his mind without fear and I love him for that. This is an age of hypocrisy and lies and men like Hamza are a rare breed. All those apologists who are criticizing him should be ashamed of themselves. No guts no glory.

  • Propakistani has lost my respect by labeling hafiz saeed as a terrorist. I felt like I was reading an Indian blog written in total ignorance. What have you been reading and watching all this time? Please go and get some knowledge about the works of jamaat ud dawah. I respect their work and hafiz sahab alot for their social work and their efforts to help the kashmiris. Shame on you propakistani. Start calling yourself ProIndian now

  • Did Pakistan courts ruled him terrorist? is there any such court ruling? Did Army/ Govt label him terrorist? So how come ProPakistan reached conclusion he is terrorist? on what basis? If you respect other party votes then respect his too if you believe in the so called democracy.

  • Point by point reply:
    Money laundering – does only politicians do it? Panama papers have long list of people other than politicians. Armymen doesn’t need to launder money as Pakistan is safest place for them.
    Killing Civilians – No record.
    Looting the country – Everyone having some authority is doing it. As per my knowledge Armymen have more authority than civilians or politicians BUT they have edge that they are not accountable to anyother institution of country including civil courts, and therefore keeps everything out of sight of common man.
    Kashmir banega Pakistan – As per UNO resolution, Pakistan has to withdraw from Kashmir in favor of India who who will conduct plebiscite in presence of UNO. This process was not accepted by Pakistan.

    Hope, you will not refer me to a doctor now.

  • USA and KSA sponsored and Pakistan made Mujahidin.
    Pakistan converted Mujahidin to Taliban.
    Taliban turned against Pakistan and now killing Pakistanis.

    Have you ever thought why most of the time its muslims who are terrorists or target of terrorists?

    • Muslims are the target bcoz they are the good guys, terrorist always target the good guys son. Pakistan supported freedom fighters in Afghanistan which was in danger of invasion from soviet union. At that time Soviet Union was the common enemy of both Pakistan and America so they joined hands. CIA sponsored terrorists are the one who are attacking Pakistan from the Afghan side.

  • The people who have commented against Hamza and Mr Hafiz Saeed doesnt actually know who is he. this is the problem with our populace..

    • So tell us, Mister Builder.

      Tell us how Hafiz Saeed supports Kashmiris.

      Does he send them medicines?
      Does he send them money?
      Does he send them guns? (I Hope Not!)
      How does he send them these things from Pakistan?
      Where does he get the money for these things?
      Is he a smuggler to get things across border without support for Pak Army?
      Does he send stuff through Dubai like everyone else?

      Has anyone ever got a picture of HS helping a IOK Kashmiri? Where is the evidence of his help?

  • Are we discussing US, UN, UK, or are we discussing a Pakistani?

    And if the Pakistani, tell me how good our “courts” are?

    • Those courts are running on “angreze” system, so will u blame ISLAM or English system? and those courts are run by ur fav, wait for it, yea there u go, liberal fascist. Those courts are not run by madrasa people who are not giving justice to people.

      • No, I blame Pakistanis like you for it. And last I checked Madrasa people have done ZERO to stop tribal jirgas who order things like rape of women in villages in retaliation for fake crimes. They are only in the news events at all because of “angreze” courts and “liberal” media.

        • Do not blame madrasa for that. Madrasa is an educational institution. It’s not its job to interfere in jirga matters and make life of students and molvis teaching there miserable. Most jirgas are lead by powerful people who are often themselves corrupt. Besides It’s the duty of govt departments to keep an eye on these jirgas and stop them where needed.

          Jirgas are excellent for quick solution to small problems on community level but when these people start passing non-sensual judgements on serious crimes, that’s where problem starts.

          • When the output of madrassas are people who willingly support jirga decisions (willingly meaning not forced to but think it is correct), then we have a problem.

            Why is it that any religious party can get 1000s of useless youths marching down the street in the name of alleged blasphemy or laws to be changed by the governemtn (like raising age of girl brides) but cannot march against jirgas?

            • Useless youth? What have you invented with your genius ape descended brain?

              If you wouldn’t like me making fun of your parents why do you except worthless youth to let you make fun of their prophet.

              Girls marital age should be the concern of the parents. I got no right to tell others in what age they let their daughter marry. Puberty is the only criteria. Your ape ancestors and mine human ancestors they married their daughters when they were not more than 15 years old. My grandma married at 15.

              • The people who are free to join random protests on Friday afternoons have no jobs and no skills… and many are from madrassas.

                = Useless.

                Say whatever you want about my parents! Nothing you say will affect you until day of judgement anyway.

            • Before Spouting This Liberal Trash Why Don’t You Tell Me One Madarsa Fatwa Which Condones What Happens In Jirgas.Many of The Chaudhrys and Waderas Who Head These Jirgas Belong to PPP and PML N Not To Some Religious Group.

              Why Don’t You Tell Me How Many Times Aunty Owned NGOs and So Called Liberal Secular Parties Marched Against The Issues You Talk About

              • Huh? Are you unable to use Google or something? Several headlines from local news media over the years:

                “Campaign launched to abolish jirga system” 2008

                “Death to four women: Civic society demands an end to jirga system” 2012″Supreme Court ban on Jirga System:Tale of Civil Society’s Success” 2006

                “Civil society demands action against Muzaffargarh gang rapists” 2014″Multan civil society protest against ‘revenge rape’ case” 2017

                Are you so blinded by your hatered that you cannot see the news in front of you?

  • The Fact That A Liberal Wannabe Like Yasir Lateef Hamdani Has Attacked Hafiz Saeed Is Enough To Prove That HS Is No Terrorist

  • America and Media of course India too, whom they says terrorist, we consider him terrorist. As they are calling Kashmiri terrorist,then we should also call them terrorist too.No dear they are freedom fighters as we were in 1940s. Do we have our own brain to think? Just don’t follow the paid tatoos. What Abbasi says, just that Hafiz is a good man, why few people are crying?

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