$2 Billion to Be Saved Annually with Kalabagh Dam

The national economy will be able to benefit from approximately $2 billion in savings per year from a million-acre feet (maf) of water.

However, as things stand currently, Pakistan is squandering around 35 maf of water because of delays in the development of Kalabagh dam.

This implies that Pakistan is squandering around $70 billion every year, a sum which is equivalent to the nation’s external debt.

Facing Delays Since 1993

The Kalabagh dam venture, which was expected to be completed in 1993, has faced constant delays. These delays have led to a loss of approximately $288 billion, which is a robust aggregate given the debt-ridden condition of the economy.

This was the crux of the message delivered at the “Water and Energy Crisis and Solutions” workshop that was held at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).

Specialists in the workshop contended that the legislature should quit making an issue out of population census and instead make an official decision on the development of the dam.

Self Interest of Some Stalling The Dam

They said that self-interest of a few people is stalling the creation of this dam. They are not ready to consider that the dam would aid in electricity generation, prevent flooding, and store water in case of future dry spells.

According to Abdul Basit, the LCCI President, Kalabagh dam ought to have been constructed not long after the Indus Water Treaty because losing Ravi and Sutlej streams to India was a major blow. However, past governments showed little interest in this matter.

He claimed that due to development of tube wells in the valleys of Ravi and Sutlej the underground water level had dropped beyond 80 feet. He also said that Kalabagh dam could potentially store 6 maf of water thereby generating $2 billion in savings and other benefits per year.

When considering other dams, the LCCI chief believed that Bhasha dam and others could be built but they wouldn’t be as sufficient as Kalabagh. This is because even after their construction, five districts of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa would face water shortage. “Technically, only Kalabagh dam can supply water to these areas,” he added.

3,600 MW of Power

The dam would potentially be able to generate 3,600 megawatts of power at a cost of just Rs 2.50 per unit and $4 billion could be saved per year on account electricity production after 5 years of development.

Lastly, he encouraged the administration to take an official decision and begin development on it without squandering more time.

Via Express Tribune

  • Kalabagh Dam Is Future of PAKISTAN :
    Please make a Part of CPEC : Chines Khud Bana Denge :

    • Ahmed Habib

      Ap ky qatil Zardari, curruption kpk cm, waly ni bnany dety. They say, hmary buzurgon by kaha tha ham doob jayn gy. Ill persons still believing that line.

  • Fakhre Alam

    Give royalty of kalabagh to kpk and build the dam. But no, punjab want everything for themselves. Just like ghazi barotha dam.

    • Ahmed Habib

      Stupidity on high! You don’t even know about that dam and still commenting nonsense????

    • Bilal Majeed

      How so when Kalabagh is in Punjab????

      • Fakhre Alam

        because large area of area of KPK will be submerged in the dam. please check some facts before argueing. only generation turbines will be in punjab. rest of the dam is in KPK. this is a similar case to ghazi barotha dam where generation turbines are just half kilometer inside punjab hence royalty is claimed by punjab. tumhay kya lagta hy agar dam 100% punjab mein hota to punjab mein hota to kpk waly 25 years tak delay karty is dam ko?

  • Shahid Iqbal Butt

    Opponents are very well paid by opponent and enemies of Pakistan as well electricity Mafia producers, Pakistan has no capability to make other dams in 25 years., they even oust the PMs and dictators from 50 years.

    • Ahmed Habib

      I belong to kalabagh dam area, it is my hometown, I know the truth of that dam. We do not want to be part of kpk ever! So if kpk says that it’s their part– they must be shameful!

      • honest punjabi

        lol a self serving narcissicist does not know the name of his own hometown and just says kalabagh dam area. The cluelessness is beyond deplorable.

        • Bilal Majeed

          lol Kalabagh is the name of the village so he saying he is from Kalabagh area is right. lol you don’t know a tiny bit of the place and still blabbering :P

      • Bilal Majeed

        Same here from Trag Shareef :)

  • Eli Ehsan

    So the reservoir will be built in KPK but the power generation will be 5km inside PUNJABg territory! Yeah we know how much it’ll be BOOST the national Economy (of punjag).

    • Ahmed Habib

      You are seriously stupid person! You only think about province and not thinking about Pakistan??? I think you need rest!

      • ImranG

        He need arrest!

      • Eli Ehsan

        Ok Resting Bro…. Keep away that too approx 5km.. :) #SindhiPunjagiBhaiBhai


      then punjabis are right to ask who gave authority to Pakhtoon dictator Ayub Khan to sell Punjab rivers Ravi and Satluj to India we should think about country no one in india says Maharashtra has gdp of 250 billion usd and there is difference of 100 billion usd in gdp to the state next in rank same goes to rest of the world but in Pakistan only we hear voices why this is happening in that part of the country why this is not happening in my area progress of any area is progress of the country when we will learn this i dont know

      • Eli Ehsan

        They Do. Trust me. the rift in india is much more than you see here in our land & also don’t trust any Whatsapp Group conspiracies my brother. :)


          I do not follow any whatsapp group

  • aamir

    کالا باغ ڈیم کا کل بھی مخالف تھا آج بھی مخالف ہوں : وزیراعلی کے پی کے پرویز خٹک

  • Fozia_Loves_Abdul_Wahab

    whatever we say about the British but they built canal and railway system in Pakistan-India-Bangladesh. If our politicians were to build then those projects would never had materialize because of the vested interest.

    • Ahmed Habib

      No, you are not correct either! Pakistan have self built plenty. You only pick and choose that you can use to malign Pakistan and it’s politics. You are brain washed.

      • Fozia_Loves_Abdul_Wahab

        aik shehr ki safai to karwa do inse bhai. bhutto zinda hae ya nawaz sharif is still pm. fata will become part of kpk. nothing happens.

  • Saqi

    Need to call an APC and give royalty of the proposed kalabaghdam to kpk and control to the sindh so the issue resolves

  • ZAB

    Kalabagh should be built but the genuine concerns of small provinces must be resolved first.

  • M Waseem Akhtar

    I heard that heart of problem is that the DAM will be in PUNJAB and the water reservoir will be in KPK, means the Punjab will get the milk and dung will go to KPK. And Sindh is wary that the water in main river will be reduced … although around 30 million acre feet water is going to sea without use.

  • Shahid Iqbal Butt

    well this not provincial issue all the royalty should go federation who are responsible for country and get share from the divisible pools we should amend constitution.

  • AW

    Very sad to see people’s view. We must think as a nation. KPK may take all royalty, but please let it to be built. We need dams for our future else Paksitan would be dry in next 25 years.
    Lets think for Pakistan, not for regions.

  • Bilal Majeed

    These lines from the post are enough for an educated person and for resolving all disputes
    “When considering other dams, the LCCI chief believed that Bhasha dam and others could be built but they wouldn’t be as sufficient as Kalabagh. This is because even after their construction, five districts of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa would face water shortage. “Technically, only Kalabagh dam can supply water to these areas,” he added.”
    The primary function of a dam is to store Water and increase the Stored Water capacity of a country which is very significant in drought conditions for both residential use and agriculture the electricity is just a by-product.