IESCO Announces Schedule for Power Outages

Due to routine maintenance and development work, IESCO has issued a power suspension schedule for areas under maintenance on Tuesday (Today). The power supply will be suspended to various grid stations and feeders all over the IESCO coverage area.

Maintenance Schedule

Below is the detailed list of areas which will have no power at the following hours:

8 AM-12 PM:

The feeders at Raman, Bengali, Adhi, Sukho, and Nishan Haider.

12 AM-4 PM:

Doltala and Chak Beli Khan

9 AM-1 PM:

Captain Nisar, Col Akram, Mangla Cantt, Rohtas, Bakrala, Kalyal, Shah Poor, Adyla, Khalsa, PTCL, Sector I-10/2, Fazal Ghee Mill, CWO, Kidney Center, Sector I-11/3, Metro, NDC-2, Sector G-9/1, New Exchange, National Park, RCC-I, RCC-II, and RCC-III.

9 AM-3 PM:

Sector F-10, Sector F-10/2, Industrial, and PTC.

9 AM-2 PM:

Jinnah Camp, and Al-Noor Colony.

10 AM-3 PM:

Angora and NIH

9:30 AM-3:30 PM

Samoot feeders and its surrounding areas.

In these areas, it is expected that IESCO will upgrade the old 160 MVA transformers to transformers of 250 MVA capacity.

New Power Plants

Power generation is expected to increase over the next few years with the addition of new nuclear and coal fired power plants.

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On top of that, regular loadshedding has become almost non existent in some posh areas of Islamabad. Power is usually shut down for a few minutes at most. The situation might change by the end of the year when water shortages occur due to low rainfall, increasing the power generation shortfall.

Via Express Tribune

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