Intel Announces 8th Generation Coffee Lake Processors

Intel has announced a new series of eighth-generation desktop processors under the “Coffee Lake” moniker. These processors follow the laptop chips which were unveiled a few months back, and include Intel’s new flagship processor.

Hexa Core Processors

The new flagship announced is the Core i7-8700K processor. The six-core chip comes with up to 25-percent higher performance compared to its predecessor chip and supports Turbo Boost to 4.7 GHz, with a base clock of 3.7 GHz.

The chip will be accompanied by hexa-core Core i7-8700, i5-8600K, and i5-8600 chips. The i7-marked chips feature 12 threads and 12 MB L3 cache, while the i5 ones will have 6 threads and 9 MB cache. The K-branded chips have a rated TDP of 95W, while the others are set at 65W.

Quad Core i3

Lastly, you have the quad-core i3-8350K and 8100 chips, with their dual-core counterparts being phased out. They support DDR4-2400 memory, rather than DDR4-2666 of the i5 and i7 models.

The integrated GPU here is the new UHD Graphics 630 unit. They all support the LGA 1151 socket.


Pricing starts at an affordable $117 for Core i3-8100, while the top-end i7-8700K retails for $359. It is obviously not the ultimate processor that Intel makes by far, with the recent launch of the new i9-7980XE processor, with its 18 cores and 36 threads costing $1999.

Better Performance, New Motherboards

For that price, you get an astounding 195 fps on Gears of War 4, which is 25% more than their predecessors. Streaming speeds are also said to be 45% faster while 4K editing gains amount to 32%.

Lastly, Intel is also unveiling the Z370 motherboards, which feature the new sockets required for upgrading to the new chips. They bring Thunderbolt 3 and DDR4-2666 memory support among other things.

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    Intel 1st time introduce 6 cores on mainstream. Really looking forward for this.

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    Thank you AMD.