News of Petrol Shortage Not True Claims Petroleum Ministry

  1. Secretary Petroleum Sikander Sultan Raja cleared the ambiguity surrounding the petrol shortage situation in the country. While addressing the National Assembly Standing Committee on Energy, Raja said that the country has enough fuel supplies in store to meet the demand for 10-11 days.

He further told the Standing Committee that Pakistan has sufficient stocks of furnace oil for 15 days, while High Speed Diesel supplies are available for 21 days, stressing on the fact that the impression regarding fuel-emergency in the country is totally wrong.

There was news about petrol shortage at Shell Petrol pumps in Punjab recently. Raja told that the company had imported less fuel in the last two months.

He said:

Shell reduced its supply and used only certified tankers for fuel transport after the Ahmedpur East incident.

The White Oil Pipeline is set to be completed by December next year, which would help strengthen the fuel supply in the country, he added.

Petroleum Minister, Jam Kamal said that OGRA, his ministry and Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) are working together to improve the storage capacity.

Chairperson OGRA’s Remarks

Efforts are being made to improve imports and quality standards of OMCs. Chairperson OGRA, Uzma Adil said that the OMCs will be held responsible for any accident.

She also said:

The OMCs have also been directed to improve their supply tankers.

OGRA chairperson advised the OMCs to develop storage depots in Kohat where shortage issues have prevailed in recent times.

Other Developments

The Private Power and Infrastructure Board (Amendment) Bill, 2017 has also been approved by the Committee, while the representatives from Police and Customs have been invited to discuss the issue of smuggled petrol being sold in the country.

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